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Race result: Silkstone Shuffle series race 2/4

On the day I finished 5th and I’m now 2nd in the series, 50s down. And 66s ahead of 3rd.

So straight after London I decided that my 99second deficit in the Silkstone Shuffle series should not be insurmountable. So I started back training hills specifically for this. Unfortunately I was more fatigued post London than I realised, hence my recent issues and absence from training...

My fitness has fallen away, but I’ve been swimming and cycling. Anyway, the race arrived and I feared the worst, I was going to be loosing time, it was just a question of how much... rather than gaining time on first I’d be loosing time to 3rd and was going to be inevitable that he’d catch me and maybe more! I asked the lads on the start line where the leader was. He’s injured, they replied. Great I thought, so I’m now the series leader- I had 32 seconds lead that would be reduceing down with every stride up the hill! Not to worry I knew I had to give it my best and see what happened. Team Sky did it, so I thought so can I. #NeverGiveUp

The course was very dry and much quicker than in March -another reason I’d be loosing time. I took it easy-ish on the hill as I knew my fitness wouldn’t allow me to recover from going to far into the red. Then luckily I was able to lay down some power off the top and into the descent... before I knew it the finish was approaching and I was gaining on the guy in front, but I could also hear somebody catching me. I though I’d loose a place but gain a place. I caught the guy in front and hung back until the next stile. Straight afterwards I blasted past him and immediately went into the red. I persisted and kept the lead in the next 2 fields but they were right on my shoulder. Why aren’t they coming past me? I was thinking oh no, they are going to do to me what I normally do to people and blast me in the sprint finish. I knew I didn’t really need to beat them for my series position, but equally I thought, if they beat me in a sprint they are going to have to work for it, I wasn’t going to give it to them.

We got to the final field which starts with a short sharp hill. My Mum was at the top of the hill screaming at me. I blasted up it and then went for the finish. No sign of anybody... my sister was in the field as I focused on the finish line, shouting, you’ve done him John! You’ve done him. Luckily I blew them both away and finished a comfortable 2 seconds ahead.

I started the day in 2nd, 99 seconds down and finished the day in 2nd, 50s down. So from that perspective- it’s a good result.

I have 2 more races to try pull back 50 seconds for the series win! Next race is September. #BELIEVE #BackYourself

Re: Race result: Silkstone Shuffle series race 2/4

proper racer....well done John!

Re: Race result: Silkstone Shuffle series race 2/4

Congratulations John, that’s an excellent result given your recent knee issues. Love your report:)