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Press Report

Hello fellow enthusiasts for running.

I shall be tapping out the press report this week so remember to keep this at the forefront of your mind whilst running. Ask this news worthy? What can I do to make it news worthy whilst still remaining on the right side of the law. I shall be bearing this in mind whilst running the Hitchin Hard 10k this morning.

So if you can please write below your magical stories and email photos over I would be much obliged. Even if you didn’t do anything... just make it up.



Re: Press Report

Photos can be sent to or uploaded to Flickr feed.

I can start this off by finishing 7th in a very hot Hitchin Hard 10k. An improvement of 13 minutes since I first ran it. Lots of other squirrels ran in this and the Half Marathon where it was great to see Mark Vaughan cruising in in 1st place. Top effort.

Re: Press Report

yes a very warm Hitchin Half for me (and lots of squirrels) bit disappointed with 2hrs 02:56 but it was very warm and had a sore foot and its still got those darn hills that I forget each year.

Re: Press Report

I ran the Herts Hobble today. This is an off road marathon of 27 miles following a route description. A lovely local event by the LDWA starting in Buntingford through to Walkern, Weston, Wallington, Cottered and Throcking. Quite tough running over ploughed fields and wheat fields in the warm sunshine and finished in 6.28. Would definitely like to do this route again. 😀

Re: Press Report

Ran the Hitchin half again this morning, as Alan says I always forget how hard it is until half way through, but it's always a well run event with plenty of local support and plenty of club mates. This year Hannah K and I continued the battle we have been having over the last few months at MWL and Run round the Garden. Sometimes I've beaten her and sometimes she beats me. I had a strange feeling at mile 6 today, looked round and there she was (i knew it was going to hurt then!) Anyway to cut a long story short we egged each other on and as we approached the line we grabbed each others hand and crossed it together. Great fun, Great race , Great club. What more can I say.

Re: Press Report

Thanks all so far. If you could put your full names into any reports I can give all credit to yourselves.


Re: Press Report

NHRR domination of Letchworth Parkrun

1st Adam Bowller 17:36 course record
2nd Ed Price 17:39
3rd Stewart Overton 17:48
5th Oliver Brady 19:20

Lots more squirrels there too.

The event was significant for having an entirely female volunteer crew as part of This Girl Can week in Herts.

Re: Press Report

Yes thanks very much to Adam for getting me round! That was some serious team work!!! I think I would of bailed at about 7 miles!!! The weather made that my hardest half yet!

Re: Press Report

Hitchin Half for me as well today - actually really enjoyed it as I went out with no expectations and just wanted to finish! Had a reasonably comfortable run and finished just behind Adam and Hannah in 2hrs and 20secs(I'd have caught them if I hadn't dropped my pesky water bottle and bent down to pick it up - ouch, bad idea ...)

Re: Press Report

Poppy (my dog) and I took part in the newly-launched Pocket parkrun in St Neots on sat (23 June) and finished 2nd female with a time of 23.40. Lovely scenic 2 lap course and wonderful marshals – would definitely recommend if any squirrels fancy a short trip up the A1 👍