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Round Norfolk Relay - help !

The Round Norfolk Relay is on the 15th and 16th of September and we have been lucky enough to be given a place for another year. It is an amazing weekend, and a great accomplishment to finish. We shall be looking for a team of 17 runners as well as cyclists, drivers, driver assistants and timekeepers.

We do need an extra bit of help for this though – this is a continual relay with no stopping, the baton being passed from leg to leg from early Saturday morning through to early Sunday morning, so we are looking for a ‘Night manager’. One or preferably two people who are willing to take on the responsibility of the night shift (from Horsey Mere onward) .

Katie and I are keen to stop at Horsey and get some sleep, it is just too much to keep going as has happened the last two occasions. This would mean meeting up beforehand to sort out the team and then working out all roles and responsibilities and generally just handing it over. This would be a role that would be easier if taken on by someone who has been part of the race before.

Please let us know if you would be willing to take this on, it is a great experience and ever so slightly mad! You can spend all Saturday sitting by the broads, eating sandwiches and resting in preparation for an all-nighter like no other! Once sorted, we will be asking for runners and helpers so watch this space…….

Please contact either of us if you would like more information, thanks x:crescent_moon: :star:

Re: Round Norfolk Relay - help !

Obviously if someone who has never taken part in this event would be willing to help then we wouldn't say no...

Due to the sheer size of the event it will be difficult to go ahead if we do not get help. We worked hard to get a place and it would be a shame to lose it so please have a think about volunteering. Once again it is a super event and a right good laugh!

Re: Round Norfolk Relay - help !

Jo - are you at training tonight? Will talk to you then if so.

Re: Round Norfolk Relay - help !

might also be interested in doing this!

Re: Round Norfolk Relay - help !

Thank you ladies, happy to meet for a chat to explain more? I’ll buy the coffees!! X

Re: Round Norfolk Relay - help !

Well if there is coffee involved...