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How to kill an idiot...!

So, any one worked out what the problem is when you run towards the last checkpoint with a big smile on your face holding a tub of melted ice cream knowing that you will be timed out? Yup! The guys decide that you are fit to carry on and give you a choice. Anyone worked out what the problem with giving an idiot a choice is? Yup! They decide to run away as fast as a tortoise running through porridge before the guys change their mind... The last 6 miles were torture...

Hydration wasn't an issue in the heat I was well prepared for that. I didn't get burnt either - my sunscreen was so effective I'm still white! The issue was that I had forgotten that when I'm hot I lose my appetite. That is fine when running a road marathon in 4+ hours (I don't eat much then) but not so good with a hilly ultra of 46km in the Peak District. I ended up very low on fuel reserves and struggling a lot in the last 4 miles. I was feeling sick and shaking. Just need to work out how to overcome that in the future...

So, That was the Maverick Ultra for you!!!

#lastfinisher #ultraphorunning #extremewaytoavoidthefootball #hydratedwell #nofoodnoenergy

Re: How to kill an idiot...!

Official time 9.54.53 ooopsy! Lots of dnfs though, so I guess a finish is a finish!!!

Re: How to kill an idiot...!

Well done Michelle - I know only too well how tough The Peak District can be! If you 'enjoyed' this you really should give The Leaden Boot a go - the elevation is about the same, maybe a bit more, but it is 3k shorter, half the price, run by locals for local good causes (originally to replace the lead stolen from the church roof - twice...), not quite as far to drive, 5 well stocked check points (fab rocky road at checkpoint 2!), a generous 12 hour time limit and pie and peas at the finish!

Re: How to kill an idiot...!

Very well done Michelle. It must have been very tough going and congratulations on finishing. These sorts of events are just about that - finishing - not about how long it takes. ⭐️

Re: How to kill an idiot...!

Loved this write-up Michelle :)