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BMAF 20k Race Walk Championship

Sunday 15th July
Warwick University, Coventry.

A 12:30 start on a very hot day around a 1km Y shaped loop on quiet roads at Warwick Uni.

This was my first 20k race and I settled into 4th place on the first few laps. An early caution for bending the knee focussed me on technique. Race leader Francisco Reis retired at 5k and at 9k I took the lead from Ian Richards who was later disqualified. As an 'A' race there were 5 judges on the out and back course. The score board gradually filled up with Red cards which I was happy to avoid, extending my lead to finish 1st overall in 1:52:27 and winning Gold in the V50 category.

Dave : )

Re: BMAF 20k Race Walk Championship

Great result on a very hot day. Well done 🙂

Re: BMAF 20k Race Walk Championship

Fantastic result on what sounds like a route from hell! Well done!

Re: BMAF 20k Race Walk Championship

Another fantastic result, well done