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Hannington Hike

This replaced From Here to There and Back which I did about 4 years ago and haven't done since as it involved a lap of Pitsford Reservoir and I have a slight aversion to laps of lakes...

So, a brand new route in beautiful Northamptonshire on an absolutely perfect day for running - not a cloud in the sky, a gentle breeze and temperatures nearing 30 degrees. The route description was spot on but concentration was required - I ran with a couple of friends and we did complete the correct route with no 'extras' but kept meeting other runners coming from all sorts of directions so I know that quite a few short/long cuts were taken! The moral is NEVER follow the runner ahead, use your own instructions!

The route was gently undulating and took in numerous beautiful Northamptonshire villages. Even without making any mistakes the full distance turned out to be 28.5 miles which we completed in 5.28. Not a lake in sight so definitely one to do again!