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Need help with trainers and trail running!

I have stupidly entered Man v's Mountain on the 1st September! A 22mile run starting at sea level up and down snowden! It includes so I'm told a swim across a river or 2 and a bit of abseiling!

What trainers do I wear!! I currently have my road running trainers, a pair of trail trainers that I Bought before I even started running 😩 Or I have my XC shoes that are studs! Im sure because we are starting at a castle somewhere that some of it will be on roads, then possibly tracks and god knows what else!

Part of me is just thinking to wear my old road running trainers, if the weather is staying like this it can't be too bad can it! And if they get ruined I'll just chuck them out! If I buy new I only have 6 weeks I think to get used to them and wear them in!!!

Any suggestions ☺️☺️☺️

Re: Need help with trainers and trail running!

Sounds fun!

If I were doing this I’d go with old cushioned road shoes. As you say, the surface will most likely be firm. If so, it’s just the swims you have to handle and the water will most probably soften your feet, won’t it? So this is why I’d go with cushioned rather than racers.

I would defo not wear my studs. As these are generally for much lower distances than 22 miles. My studs are light weight. And they rely on the terrain to provide cushioning. What’s the furthest you’ve run in them? I have done 15 in mine, but this was on a very muddy race in December. And they did hurt my feet. :weary:

Re: Need help with trainers and trail running!

I would definitely go for trail shoes. If there is any chance of boggy or loose ground then you will appreciate the extra grip. Road shoes are OK for long off-roaders when the ground really is bone dry - as it is now - but otherwise there is almost always a bog or a slippery section somewhere. Find a well cushioned pair (I can highly recommend New Balance Leadvilles) and run in them lots before the event.

Definitely NOT cross country shoes, studs, spikes or anything like that as they don't have enough cushioning and you will end up with very sore feet!

Enjoy it!

Re: Need help with trainers and trail running!

Furthest I've run in my studs is the XC so not very far! Think I'm gonna chance my old trainers 😉

Re: Need help with trainers and trail running!

Having run up Snowdon last week I can say for sure that trail shoes would be best.

The paths up Snowdon are rocky not muddy so cross country shoes are not needed. Road shoes would be okay in dry weather but I don't think give enough grip on the rocks especially when running down hill.

I have two pairs of trail shoes - Speedcross and wings pro. My Speedcross are great for mud and the wings pro for rocks. I chose the wings pro and they were great. I overtook a lot of people on the downhill as I had confidence in them.

Note - I've seen your route and there will be road sections too.

Re: Need help with trainers and trail running!

If you are looking at a combination of trail and road I would go straight for the Hoka Challenger ATR. Great trail shoes with enough cushion and energy return to hold their own on the road :grinning:

Re: Need help with trainers and trail running!


The Merrell 'All Out Crush' shoes are pretty versatile.

I have the first generation (the version 2 has more cushioning for those that want it).

The tread pattern is very good for stopping ankle twisting on weird slopes and they are my tool of choice for Tough Mudder OCR's (Mud/Forest Trail/Slopes) & greenway running (solid trail/Road) if there is a wee bit of slippery mud about.

What I like about the Merrell's is that when I have them on I don't need to bother about what terrain comes my way as I have confidence that they will handle it.


Re: Need help with trainers and trail running!

Like Michelle, I took on trails from the castle onto the Snowdon climb the other week. I trained up there too. Trails are hard packed and rocky in places. Definitely want some cushion ing for the down. Trail shoes if you can otherwise road runners will be OK ....unless it's wet and whatever you'll need to take care.
I used Mizuno Daichis and they were excellent for cushioning and rock protection in the forefoot. Good LUCK and enjoy it!!

Re: Need help with trainers and trail running!

I have just bought those mizuno ones! I did buy hokas but can't get on with them! Got 5 weeks can't wait! Thanks for all the advice 😄