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A Big Thank you from Garden House Hospice Care

Dear All,

Yesterday, in my role of Community Fundraiser for Garden House Hospice Care, I received a cheque from our Chairperson, Astrid, for £4k, the proceeds of the Greenway Challenge.

On behalf of all of us at the Hospice I take this opportunity to thank you all for this amazing amount of money. I have spoken to various people at the Hospice and we have decided to use the money in the following ways.

We are going to buy 2 Z beds. These allow family members to sleep next to their loved ones on the ward. The nurses say that it will make a significant difference to the lives of all concerned by allowing them to be together at all times.

Secondly we are going to buy some gardening equipment. Up to now the garden volunteers rely on donated electric and hand tools. The garden plays a huge role in the well beings of patients and their families. Those that came to the Open Gardens will know how beautiful they are. Having up to date and safe tools will make a big difference.

So, the money you all raised will make enhance the lives of so many at the Hospice. Once purchased I will make sure photos are taken to show what this all looks like.

Thank you so much.


Re: A Big Thank you from Garden House Hospice Care

That's fantastic news, Richard. It's great to hear how the money will be used and I look forward to the next open garden!!