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Guidelines for posting race results for weekly press report

Hi all,

Many thanks to everyone who posts their race results on this Forum. We’ve had a lot of great results recently, so we have been thinking about how to make life easier for our dedicated team who give up their Sunday evenings to write the weekly press report. Here are some hints and tips – please follow them!

On Sunday morning, the report writer will open a thread on the forum asking for race reports. It will be titled something like this:

Press report for week ending Sunday (Day) (Month)

Please put your race report in this thread only. If it’s not in this thread it won’t be included in the report, even if you’ve posted it elsewhere on the forum. (Basically, it’s the same principle as with the SORE League.) From now on, the press report writer will only use the information posted in this thread.

The cut-off time is 7pm on Sunday. If you’re not able to get your race report in before then, please add it to the following week’s thread, or else come to an arrangement with the press report writer beforehand.

Please include your full name (no initials for surnames etc.). As a general rule, don’t make any assumptions about what you think the report writer already knows about you/your race. Work on the principle that they only know the information you’ve written in your report.

Please be specific: What is the full/proper name of the race? Where is it? How far is it? What was your exact time? If you ran for a charity, what is the charity’s full/proper name?

Wherever possible, please add background information, anything that the report writer could potentially use as a quote: How did it go? How did you feel? Why did you do it? Why that race/charity/distance? What next?

We will always try to include as many race reports as is possible, but for the avoidance of doubt, please bear in my mind that the press report will always prioritise NHRR events (Standalone, Greenway Challenge etc.), league races (3CXC, MWL etc.) and the most newsworthy stories. We can’t always include everything, so please don’t take offence if your latest Parkrun doesn’t make the cut (though it will if there is something exceptionally newsworthy about it).

Many thanks in advance for your co-operation and do keep those great reports coming!

Ed & James, Publicity
On behalf of all the press report writers.