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St Albans Stampede

I am once again hoping to get a team together for the St Albans Stampede on Saturday 1st September.

Briefly it is a 12 hour relay race for pairs or teams of 4 or 8 runners completing as many laps as they can in 12 hours. Each lap is a gently undulating very pretty 4 miles off road around Heartwood Forest and Nomansland Common just south of Wheathampstead.

It starts at 9am and finishes at 9pm with the last couple of laps being run in the dark so head torches are needed. Runners can run as many or few laps as they want and in any order. No-one has to stay all day - it is more than OK to just turn up, run a lap or two and go home if being out all day is an issue. That said, those who didn't stay to the end last year did miss out... Everyone who ran last year had a fantastic time and to cap it all, with a bit of strategic planning in the later stages, we WON the team of 8 section!

You don't have to be fast, it is meant to be fun, winning last year was an unexpected bonus.

I have 3 runners already (me, my sister and Sue Foot) so there are only 5 places up for grabs. If you are interested please sign up quickly as if it is going to be a struggle to get a team together I won't bother!

Cost? £27.50 per runner. Includes some snacks and drinks. Teams set up their own camps and bring far more food than they would realistically eat in a week.

Speedy boys - why not get a team of 4 together and see if you can beat those St Albans Striders at their own game... They managed 28 laps last year...

Come on - you know you want to!

Re: St Albans Stampede

I'd like to do this again - it was huge fun last year! Just wondering about the entry fee - did we pay that much last year? I can't remember, but maybe we did ....

Re: St Albans Stampede

Hi Linda - it has gone up a bit - don't know why - I think it was about £22.50 last year. Remember all the pizza though!

Re: St Albans Stampede

One day I will be around for this event - sounds like fun...

Re: St Albans Stampede

Please can Gary and/or I join in again?

Re: St Albans Stampede

Hi Lindsay - both would be great! Only 2 more needed...

Re: St Albans Stampede

Hi Jo, I am keen - have to make the most of any event that is not on a Sunday! Would be unlikely to be able to make the whole day but would love to join early afternoon?! Could that work?

Re: St Albans Stampede


Sounds good, is there still a place?
I am single parenting that weekend so can't make all 12 hrs.

I could do a morning stint 9:00-10:30 and then come back for a late stint 19:00-21:00

would that work for your team? if so let me know and I will book a place.


Re: St Albans Stampede

Great! We have a team!

Paula and James - turning up to run at anytime is fine. Last year Sue and I were the only ones there for the full 9 hours, everyone else either turned up, ran and went home or turned up later and stayed to the end. It was good fun running the last lap together in the dark - until I had to dash off... We should be able to accommodate anyone who needs to run at certain times but can do that nearer the day. Last year we pretty much worked it out as we went along.

Have a look at the website for more info - I will try to get to training some Tuesdays and talk to everyone.

Thanks - you'll love it!

Re: St Albans Stampede

OK before I hammer my credit card can everyone please confirm that they are deffo up for it?

That's Gary and Lindsay, Linda, James and Paula, I know about me Sue and my sister.

I'm sure we can sort the running order out to fit any special requests!


Re: St Albans Stampede

Yep, i am in

Re: St Albans Stampede

Yes x 2

It's gary's birthday that day... perfect birthday outing

Re: St Albans Stampede

I definitely want to do this again - when would you need the money by, Jo? Would it be possible to wait until the end of this month to pay you?

Re: St Albans Stampede

I had forgotten what a faff entering this was... I need from everyone Name, Address, DOB, contact no, email address, ARC no if applicable, medical conditions the organiser should know about, emergency contact. If you'd rather email me than post on here my email address is If I haven't heard from you by the end of the week I'll be making things up just so I can get the entry in!

Re: St Albans Stampede

Jo - I'm away atm, but will email all the necessary info to you when I get home tomorrow.

Re: St Albans Stampede

Thanks everyone - entry now submitted! Team is me, Miranda Summers-Pritchard (my sister), Sue Foot, Linda Aird, James Drew, Gary Cook, Lindsay Cook, Paula Holm.

Paula - I've had to make up details for you but don't suppose it matters and also hope I got your surname right!

All - cash on the day is fine. £27.50 each.

Does anyone have special requests re running times?

If you want to run after about 7pm you will need a head torch.