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Training Tuesday 31st July & Thursday 2nd August

With many squirrels thinking about autumn races, (Hatfield 5km, Standalone or other 10kms and some great HMs e.g. Bedford and Great Eastern) I have been pondering over the training schedule and what would be most beneficial for athletes to improve and PB. I have decided to offer a session every Tuesday, open to anyone in the club, and suggest that Thursday for blues and greens for the next 6 weeks is either a tempo run or is used to increase your weekly mileage depending on what is most appropriate for you and your goals. Increasing your weekly mileage by 10% up to 60M (I'm not suggesting that you should be running 60M per week!) has been shown to improve performance whilst above 60M there is a considerably enhanced risk of injury. If you are increasing mileage you should back off speed sessions e.g. reduce from 2 to 1 per week to reduce the risk of injury. Tempo sessions are one of the best ways to shift your lactate threshold which means that you will be will be able to run faster for the same degree of effort. Improving your 10km time will also improve your HM and 5km time :)

Thursday's session will be a 10min warm up, 20-30min temp run at the pace you can sustain in a race for 1 hour and a 10 min warm down. For most of us the pace will be between 10km and 10M pace. If you train at this pace you will train your body to buffer lactic acid more efficiently, train your body to reprocess lactic acid as an energy source and over time move your lactate threshold so delaying the point at which you start to fatigue. You should feel that it is 'fun fast' and that you are running in the uncomfortably hard but manageable training zone. If you can't sustain the pace you have gone out too fast but you also shouldn't be left feeling you could run another 8 miles!

Tuesday's session will be 4 x 1M on the Grange loop with 90s recovery. The 1st mile will be 10s per mile slower than 10km average pace, miles 2 and 3 will be at 10km pace whilst mile 4 will hopefully be quicker than 10km pace. This session is designed to improve your pace judgement and help you to see the effect of a steadier start rather than going out too fast:)

Brian will post yellow group's summer tours whilst purple group's sessions are 6 - 8 x 400m at St Francis on Tuesday with 2 mins recovery and a 20min tempo run on Thursday.

As it's the 1st Saturday of the Month 5km on Saturday there will not a track session this week. Happy running with NHRR!

Re: Training Tuesday 31st July & Thursday 2nd August

On Tuesday 31st JUly, proposed run is Wilbury - Ickleford Cricket Ground .... back via Lavender Fields.
Start options are:
Wilbury Hotel 19:40 4.4 miles. Meet there or drive from Spirella
Spirella 19:30. Run (6.7 miles) or drive.

On Thursday, proposed run is around the Old XC Course - Willian Wymondley area.
Start 7:40 at the Greenway Manor Wood car park.
Either meet there or at Spirella (7:30) and drive.