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Rome Marathon 2019

For anyone trying to enter next year's Rome Marathon, it appears that the Municipality of Rome has put organisation of next year's marathon out to tender. It seems that Italia Marathon Club/Atielle Roma are not particularly happy about this, which is not surprising as they have been doing what I would say has been a pretty good job of organising it for the past 24 years!

Anyway, as a result of this, registration has been suspended for the time being. There is a link to 'Reserve Registration' but this just comes up with a blank email.

Needless to say, in typical Italian style, there is no indication as to when tenders have to be submitted or when the winner will be announced and as most of Rome will now be on holiday until September it is unlikely to be soon!

I will keep an eye on it and post again when there is more news.

Re: Rome Marathon 2019

Yes, it's the Italian way of doing things that made us famous all over the world :)

Re: Rome Marathon 2019

Thanks Jo for keeping us informed about it. Myself plus others are planning to run this next year. I hope to book flights as soon as things start happening.
Do u think it will be the same date?

Re: Rome Marathon 2019

Who knows?! One year with only 6 weeks to go there were suggestions of changing the date if it clashed with the at that time undecided date of a forthcoming presidential election. The year the Pope was inaugurated there was a last minute alternative route proposal in case the inauguration was arranged for the Sunday. Neither of these events did, in the end, affect the marathon but it has left me feeling that, in the grand scheme of all things Roman, the marathon is not considered to be particularly important! All you can do is go by what you know when you book and hope it doesn't change!

Personally I think I will hang on a bit before booking flights and accommodation as, if organisation is taken over by a different group, they do have quite a lot to do in an ever decreasing amount of time and a date change wouldn't surprise me...

Re: Rome Marathon 2019

Hi Jo,

Let me get this right. Are you suggesting that NHRR should apply to organise the Rome Marathon? If so I will get my tourist map of Rome out?

Please clarify.

Thank you.

Re: Rome Marathon 2019

If that didn't mean I'd be giving out t-shirts instead of running I'd say it was a fab idea!

Re: Rome Marathon 2019

The countdown clock on the website has now stopped... I think that can be taken as an indication that the Rome marathon will probably not be happening next April... Good job I got my 200th in last year then!

Re: Rome Marathon 2019

Thanks for the heads up Jo. I am seeking an alternative!