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Does anyone run in Hoka Arahi?

I've got a pair of Hoka One One Arahi,in size 6.5 (Poseidon/Vintage Indigo) that I've ran about 30 miles in and am looking to sell on.

Previously always ran in Mizuno Inspires and just find that having got them the Hoka's and me don't get on.

As they have only been used for 30 miles, they are practically brand new. I got them at trade price, so would look to resell them for £30.

Anyone interested?

Re: Does anyone run in Hoka Arahi?

Hi Jennie.
Sorry to hijack but I also have some HOKAs for sale.
2 pairs.
1 x size uk9.5 speed instinct (trail) totally new boxed and unused
1 x size uk9 speedgoat 2s (trail) with <20 miles since new - 2 runs in fact. Amazing shoes these ones I just need .5 bigger.

HOKAs you need to size up for sure so these will suit size 8 ish for guys.

Let me know and anyone is welcome to try them.


Re: Does anyone run in Hoka Arahi?

Do you have to size up in them much? I was wearing 6-6.5 in some runners but not others I really wanted to try hoka but worried they may not be suitable as I like the lightness of Nike.

Re: Does anyone run in Hoka Arahi?

I ran in a size 6 to 6.5 normally for Nike, Saucony and Mizuno. When i was fitted for them, I can't recall anything particular about the size, more how 'different' they feel compared to other running shoes. Did you want to try them and see?

Re: Does anyone run in Hoka Arahi?

Hi yes I will because I'd rather try them on properly and know before I buy a pair I'm back to club next week