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Super squirrels!

On behalf of all the coaches I would just like to say what a privilege it is to coach such enthusiastic and committed athletes. I am sure you are enjoying running with so many club mates in each of our wonderful training groups. However, I do have to sound a little note of caution as you are all working so hard it is important to make sure that you schedule in easier weeks, rest and recovery. You need this to give your body a chance to adapt to the fabulous training that you are putting in. With members having different holidays, work and life commitments we do offer sessions every week and therefore you need to plan those weeks when you go for a social run instead: every 4th week is quite a traditional pattern although with races coming up you may be cutting down in the week before the race. Current research is that reducing intensity and/or mileage is the way to reduce, or if you are double days then reducing to just 1 session, rather than putting in several extra rest days. Over training unfortunately can lead to fatigue, reduced performance, often in races, and increase the risk of illness or injury so if you are feeling fatigued at the start of training think about taking a few days off. Hopefully this will give your body the chance to adapt, refresh and be ready to go again:) If you have any questions about training please do not hesitate to speak to your coach or to Peter or myself.

Finally, on a different note, with the nights beginning to draw in :( could I ask that everyone digs out their reflective vest and wears it to training please. Happy running with NHRR!