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Training Tues 28th & Thurs 30th August

With the Hatfield 5km series staring a week Wednesday, 5th September, and a few races coming up (Twilight 10km, Bedford Half, Offley 5km, Hitchin 5km!!) it's time to give our legs a spin, reduce mileage slightly and enjoy some faster, relaxed running:) So Tuesdays sessions are as follows:
Blue group - 4 x 1M on the Grange loop (90s) - unless you are in marathon training please just use warm up and warm down from/to club to make this 6M total.
Green group - 4 x 1M at St Pauls (90s) - as for blue group regarding total mileage.
Purple group - ladder of 2 x 5mins, 2 x 4mins, 2 x 3mins & 2 x 2mins with 1 min between each rep. I would suggest this could be run from Grange Rd roundabout near the Wheat Hill posts.

On Thursday purple group session will be 8 x 300m on the South View side of Broadway with 90s recovery between each rep. Green group and blue group will be together for 8-12 x 400m at 3km pace with 90s active recovery (walk or jog). This will be on the St Francis side of Broadway.

As usual, Brian will post yellow group sessions. There will not be a track session on Saturday as it's the 1st September so hope to see you at the First Saturday of the Month 5km on Norton Common at 9am.

Re: Training Tues 28th & Thurs 30th August

Tuesday - Point to point Fartlek around the Lavender fields route.

Thursday - Threshold run 12:30 out and back on the Grange.