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Press report week ending 2nd Sep

Please post race results below!

Re: Press report week ending 2nd Sep

Duck N Dash Aquathon

Full Results

7th, John Auld, 30:28
9th, Katie Harbon, 30:46
10th, James Keogh, 31:17
14th, Sophie Thrussell, 32:45
43rd, Jo Harbon, 37:16
47th, Ellie Scott, 39:09
58th, Andrew Robson, 38:52
86th, Carina Quayle, 46:46

Organised by Freedom Tri. Great event! Nice and friendly. Brilliant marshals.

Was the first aquathon for a few of us, so we clubbed together and tried our best to copy what the tri club members did... I think we pulled it off, apart from looking down the line on transition- the only clothes in there were NHRR vests.

I’m thrilled with my swim, as I tried a time trial on Friday that was 30s slower, and I nearly threw up afterwards. The transition was a bit of an experience, I think you need to practice it! I had wobbly legs from the swim and struggled to get my vest on. I didn’t use my towel, which was a mistake. I also put socks and shorts on, but those actually went well compared to the vest. The run around Norton Common was beautiful in the sun, but was hard work after the swim. The run was my worst around the common for quite some years, but I’m hoping it isn’t a true reflection of my current fitness. I was nervous before hand but I had a great laugh. Especially due to some friendly faces from FVS, HRC Freedom Tri and NHRR. I’d recommend anybody having a go. Especially as it looks like most swimmers can’t run! So you will probably do better than you expect.

I’m going to do some training on transition reps, getting out of the bath and quickly getting changed.

Thanks to the supporters!

Re: Press report week ending 2nd Sep

We did the dunstable downs challenge marathon this morning in 5.15. It was a hot day, but a stunning course (other than the 2 miles of uphill at the end)! Such a friendly and well organised event!

Re: Press report week ending 2nd Sep

St Neots Standard Distance Triathlon

Tom Webb and Matt Sayers travelled to St Neots for the 2019 Standard Distance ETU (European) Triathlon Qualifying event. 450 competitors took part in the 1500m swim in the River Ouse, an undulating 45km bike course and 10km run.

Tom Webb, 2:11:22, 12th place, 6th in age group
Matthew Sayers, 2:23:23, 102nd place, 14th in age group

Re: Press report week ending 2nd Sep

I ran the South Cheshire 20 this morning. Haven't found any results yet, but I know I came first MV50 in about 02:11:20. It was certainly undulating (my Garmin thinks there was over 1000ft of elevation gain) and got warmer than I expected towards the end, so overall very happy as I hadn't rested for this race as I was treating it more as a long training run.

Re: Press report week ending 2nd Sep

A number of us took part in the Bedford Twilight 10km on Saturday. I'm sure others will report their own comments but for me I can say that I ran with Jo Sopala and we spurred each other on and both achieved pbs. My time was 1:15:29. It was also the first race where I took part with Chloe who got me into this running lark by persuading me to do the Couch to 5k last summer. Chloes time was 49:03- her first race since spending 10 months in Malawi and not being able to run (too many elephants and hippos).

Re: Press report week ending 2nd Sep

Thanks Lindsey, what's Chloe's surname?

Re: Press report week ending 2nd Sep

Forgot to say, any pics to

Re: Press report week ending 2nd Sep

Ed it's Chloe Lucas

Re: Press report week ending 2nd Sep

Hi Ed,

Myself (Linsey Ashley) and my sister Jennie Andrews of yellow group ran our second half marathon today in the Bedford Half Marathon we both got a PB finishing in;
Linsey Ashley 2hr19
Jennie Andrews 2hr19

This was a 19 minute improvement on our last half marathon times.

It was a fast and flat course and was very scenic with views across the river.


Re: Press report week ending 2nd Sep

St Albans Stampede - full details on my main thread but briefly Sue Foot, James Drew, Gary and Lindsay Cook, Paula Holm, Linda Aird, Miranda Summers-Pritchard (my sister) and I made up a team of 8 to run as many of the 4 mile laps of Heartswood Forest/Nomansland Common as we could in 12 hours. Without wanting to waste a minute we managed to strategically pick who to run when and squeezed in 22 laps in 11 hours 55 minutes - and won the Team of 8 section by 3 laps!

Re: Press report week ending 2nd Sep

I ran the Bedford Half as well today! I was aiming for a sub 95', perfectly achievable given the 2 months of training and the nearly completely flat course, but the last 4 miles have proven really tough, and only managed to come to the finish in line in 1:36:26. The weather was ay too hot imho, I felt the heat from the very beginning despite the large amount of route being in the shadows of the park...apart from the last 5 miles which were nearly completely in the sun. Saw a few squirrels around and managed to get 'sort of' a list from the race website. Next month the Peterborough half marathon will hopefully be much colder!

Ben Ryan 01:48:48
Miranda Morgan 02:11:40
Chris Poole 01:52:04
Adam Wilson 01:47:15
Jo Kenlin 03:13:28
Katherine Burr 01:44:34
Niccolo' Bassani 01:36:26
Jennie Andrews 02:19:54
Linsey Ashley 02:19:55
Darren Sunter 01:16:03
Stewart Overton 01:13:06
Darren Matussa 01:23:00
Adrian Sherwood 01:30:52

Re: Press report week ending 2nd Sep

I also took part in the Bedford twilight 10k on Saturday 1st. It was my first 10k race and I’m pleased with my time of 1:09:14. Astrid and Karen obviously finished well ahead, they looped back to spectate and it was a lovely boost to have them cheering me on as I passed by. Ali Mottram

Re: Press report week ending 2nd Sep

In addition to the Duck and Dash results above we also had two competitors in the youth section (who have to swim and run the same distance as the adults but compete earlier!)

Eva McCabe 1st 30:08
Oliver Brady 3rd 30:11

Not only do they run well, but they swim well too!!!

Re: Press report week ending 2nd Sep

Just to add to the duck and dash as well, Katie won the female senior event and Sophie was third! And Lindsay was 79th. I was just grateful I didn't drown xx

Re: Press report week ending 2nd Sep

Jo H
Just to add to the duck and dash as well, Katie won the female senior event and Sophie was third! And Lindsay was 79th. I was just grateful I didn't drown xx
Jo, unfortunately they made a late adjustment that there was a mistake. Kathryn Berry won the ladies, she was 4th overall. 5:59 swim and 39s transition helped a lot... This pushed Katie and Sophie down a place each...

Sorry for missing Lindsay, I searched the results for NHRR and North Herts but must not have been listed. But I obviously saw her this morning!

Re: Press report week ending 2nd Sep

A milestone for me was completing my 200th parkrun on Sat. I was at Wimpole and finished in around 33+ mins (officially 34:16 but started at back). 200 is not an official milestone (50,100 and 250 you get the t shirt...)

A long haul from the first round a snow covered field in Basingstoke in Dec 2009. There were only around a dozen in the country then and the finishing tokens were hand written on pieces of cardboard! (though your personal barcode has remained the same).

The following year the nearest ones to start up were at Cambridge and MK which involved quite a lot of travelling, but so many have sprung up now it seems every town has one, and they're all different, whether you're looking for speed, or scenery (which like Wimpole means hills), off-road, tarmac etc you can usually find what what you're looking for.

Anyway I intend to keep going a while longer get and get to those few local ones I haven't visited yet..:relaxed:

Re: Press report week ending 2nd Sep

Thanks Brian, sorry: what's your surname?

Re: Press report week ending 2nd Sep

Brian Judkins..

Re: Press report week ending 2nd Sep

Thanks everyone for the reports (and for the pics).

Blimey, what a busy weekend, what great results, and what a fantastic club!

Wish me luck, I'm going in.

Re: Press report week ending 2nd Sep

Good Luck Ed!

I must have forgotten to add my team name when entering Duck and Dash, I finished 79th in 44:12, just a few seconds slower than last year. I was very pleased to beat my swim time from last year by 2 minutes and I have also got quicker at transition. However, my run was a sadly a lot slower...need to train more!

There's also a separate thread for the St Albans Stampede which I did yesterday along with some other NHRRs.

My legs are pretty tired now but we spent the afternoon at houghton mill. I had a refreshing swim which was a bit like sitting in a cold bath for a while...

Re: Press report week ending 2nd Sep

Another one for the Bedford Twilight 10k!

Finish time: 51.55
Really enjoyed it, but wasn’t prepared for the heat, plus I took a nasty tumble at around 8k with really knocked my pace. But got around in one piece and was still pleased with my time! 👍🏅🤕

Re: Press report week ending 2nd Sep

Ed, here is the full list of the Bedford 10k twilight NHRR finishers:

Overall position - Name - time - genre/gender position
22 Astrid McKeown 00:40:15 Female 4 North Herts Road Runners
50 Peter Sibbett 00:42:46 Male 43 North Herts Road Runners
85 Sarah Mitcherson 00:44:32 Female 11 North Herts RRC
206 Chloe Lucas 00:49:03 Female 30 North Herts Road Runners
486 Karen Dodsworth 00:56:20 Female 124 North Herts Road Runners
1208 Ali Mottram 01:09:14 Female 560 North Herts Road Runners
1490 Shani Fielding 01:14:40 Female 788 North Herts Road Runners
1524 Joanne Sopala 01:15:25 Female 817 North Herts Road Runners
1525 Lindsey Lucas 01:15:29 Female 818 North Herts Road Runners

Thanks for Darren M and Steve Mc for supporting!!

Very well organised and fab party for 2 days with music, food, etc for the full family. Flat but not the fastest of courses being off-road, many turns and lots of foot bridges to cross. but a great event to do on a Sat night.

Re: Press report week ending 2nd Sep

Just to add that jo kenlin did her first 1/2 marathon in 3:14 at bedford well done jo xx