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Training Tues 11th, Thurs 13th & Sat 15th Sept

With so many amazing PBs in recent races your coaches just want you to know how delighted they are for you and know that this reflects your commitment to training and fabulous team spirit:) However, just a reminder that we also won't take offence if you skip a session to enjoy an easy run and allow your body to recover from your recent efforts and adapt to all your great work. Given how well everyone is running we are going to continue with the longer reps and tempo work up to Standalone and also gradually introduce hills to get ready for XC in October. We know some of you will be eagerly anticipating Dunhams up and overs and Blackhorse hills:)

Tuesday's session for purple group will be 5 x Haymoor hills with either 90s or 2 mins recovery - may depend how chilly it feels!! Green group have Blackhorse hills whilst blue group session is 1 x 3M at 10km-HM pace (2mins) and 3 x 1M at 10 km pace (90s) from Willian Way traffic lights.

On Thursday everyone has a tempo run of 20-30mins with a 10-15 min warm up and cool down.

Pete will be coaching track on Saturday as I'm on my soft tissue therapy course. The session will be 2 x 800m/600m/400m/200m - you are welcome to start at the 600m :)

Looking forward to seeing everyone this week for more awesome and enjoyable running with NHRR!

Re: Training Tues 11th, Thurs 13th & Sat 15th Sept

Very conscious I haven't been to training for a while – but will be there Thursday! :+1:

Re: Training Tues 11th, Thurs 13th & Sat 15th Sept

Tuesday 11th- Threshold run 12:30 min out (90s) and back on the Grange.

Thursday 13th - 400m reps on The Broadway.