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Norfolk Relaly Team Members Names please

Hi the Comet had come back to ask the name of the runners that made up the RNR team. Could someone send them to me of post them here.


Re: Norfolk Relaly Team Members Names please

1, Adrian Sherwood
2. Paul Bowal
3. Jane Clarke
4. Helen Cairns
5. Jo Summers
6. Jo Harbon
7. Helen Harbon
8. Matt Ankers
9. James Drew
10. Stewart Overton
11. Sarah Mitcheson
12. Darren Matussa
13. Naomi Parkinson
14. Paula Holm
15. Vince Wright
16. Kat Burr
17. Katie Harbon

Just whilst writing big love and thanks to Caroline Thrussell, Adam Wilson, Rob Clark, Linda Aird, Lindsay Cook, Sam (Darrens 'singing and cycling' partner) Brian Judkins, Bella the Dog and anyone from the above list who also helped by driving/supporting/cycling/feeding - with all my heart I hope I have not left anyone off - sorry if I did.

Re: Norfolk Relaly Team Members Names please

I posted the team photo to facebook too if you need it!