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Injury before uphill race, thoughts please :)

Hello all,

I'm still here and I miss the club sessions so much! With holiday season and injury i havwnt been able to attend...

I should be training for a 27km race on 2nd December (20km uphill, 7km downhill) but I am injured, annoyed and confused.

Advice would be much appreciated fellow runners, please read and let me know what you think.

I injured my calf last Saturday and thinking it had healed as there was no pain after trying 3km and 5km last week, I injured it again yesterday after 8km of slow running.

The race is in 9 weeks, 20km uphill and 7 downhill. I ran a half marathon two weeks ago so at least I am/was at a decent distance level but what do I do now???

I was thinking... rest 4 days and cycle a bit tomorrow.
4 days post injury: try 2x 1km loops, slowly.
6 days post injury: try 4km
8 days post injury long run day: 5km (8 weeks to race)
Then each weekend for my long run increase distance slowly, something like
2 weeks post injury (7 weeks to race): 8km,
3 weeks post injury (6 weeks to race): 11km
4 weeks post injury (5 weeks to race): 13.5km
5 weeks post injury (4 weeks to race): 16.5km
6 weeks post injury (3 weeks to race): 20km
7 weeks post injury (2 weeks to race): 24km
Taper gradually for 2 weeks
8 weeks post injury (1 weeks to race): 15km
Race week

Distance wise it sounds doable but what about the uphill???
How do I train for 2pkm of uphill racing with a probably slightly torn calf muscle???

I'm resting and icing and I'll have sports massage done too. I'm comfort eating and worried I'm going to lose fitness and put on weight (already slowly gaining). Im a terrible swimmer and the staric bike hurts my pelvic bone too much so I'm trying to find alternative cardio exercises.

Sorry for the long post, I've been quiet for too long so I had a lot to say lol!!

Re: Injury before uphill race, thoughts please :)


sorry to hear you are injured.

have you seen a sports injury therapist? That would be a good point to start from.

Get a proper diagnosis and a recovery / rehab plan. Then you can assess whether competing in your race is a sensible idea or not (and be prepared to adjust your expectations)

Re: Injury before uphill race, thoughts please :)

Hi Mark,

Thank you!

I'm seeing him today but I wanted to hear people's opinion, from real life stories and experiences :) because between you guys you have so many years of running and racing and injury recovery experience that is very useful!


Re: Injury before uphill race, thoughts please :)

Unfortunately my personal experience is not a positive story as whilst training for a marathon my calf went on a medium length run. As I was considerably younger and fitter then I thought I had been shot in the back of the leg (was in the countryside) and had no prior warning through any niggles. I'm afraid I was out for 4 months. However every one of us is an individual and so are our injuries so your therapist will be the best person to give you advice:)

Re: Injury before uphill race, thoughts please :)

You are runners we all have a lot of experience with getting injuries.

However, coming back from an injury properly is what we are not so good with!

A professional opinion is best (and quite often tells you what you don't want to hear, but deep down inside, you already know).

Good luck!

Re: Injury before uphill race, thoughts please :)

We can’t tell whether you’ve strained your calf muscle or torn it. It’s possible (even likely) that a physiotherapist can’t tell either without ultrasound/MRI scans (which is unlikely to be offered unless it’s of the severity needing surgery, and I don’t think you’d be asking this question if that were the case!) unless you actually had symptoms that would definitely indicate a tear like Karen describes.

If you’ve strained it, is more likely to be weeks; if you’ve torn it longer. I suffered a torn calf in the cold in January (I did do proper warm up, but still) and it only took a month to get better, but I don’t think that was a serious tear as they go; your physiology may vary.

Re: Injury before uphill race, thoughts please :)

Hello all,

Thank you for your replies. I have been to the sports therapist, massage did not hurt, it's not really that tender to touch. The fact that I might have felt a very slight pop indicates that it could be a tiny tear but then I'm not limping when I walk, only some movements hurt me.... so he thinks it's probably a very light fascia tear or a strain.

I'll be doing some checks daily by testing whether it hurts at all when lowering the heel of the foot on a step, firstly with both feet and then trying more weight on the hurt leg. Today it was hurting to do it on one leg.

In the meantime I'll be doing kettlebells, bike, squats and deadlifts and try to maintain fitness and in 10 days depending on how it feels I'll ease into running. That's all depending on the calf raises/dips.

9 weeks to go....

Re: Injury before uphill race, thoughts please :)


As Karen, Mark et al have said before it is important to get professional advice....& then...the hard bit...stick to their sensible recovery plans....don't be tempted to do more too early just because it feels good on a particular day. Good luck & well done with such a planned rehab regime. :ok_hand: