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FSOM October Results

Well done to all those who ran today - quite good conditions for running.

MANY THANKS for all those who came along to marshal/help on a slightly damp morning.

Position Athlete Surname Forename Elapsed Team Comment
1 A01925 Jackson Paul 00:17:51 NHRR
2 A01182 Parsons James 00:19:04 Freedom Tri
3 A01924 Mace Simon 00:19:14 n/a
4 A00507 Keogh James 00:19:20 NHRR
5 A00033 Cook Gary 00:20:11 n/a
6 A01601 Bruce Lee 00:20:26 Hitchin RC
7 A01582 Datlen Ian 00:21:10 NHRR
8 A00783 Donnelly Andrew 00:21:36 n/a
9 A00967 McCabe Declan 00:21:39 NHRR
10 A01029 McCabe Eva 00:21:45 NHRR Jnr
11 A01785 Crudgington Scott 00:21:52 Unattached
12 A01826 Riddoch Duncan 00:21:59 Unattached
13 A01337 Guerin Giles 00:22:00 n/a
14 A00103 Walsh James 00:22:26 NHRR
15 A01824 Trundley Oliver 00:22:34 Unattached
16 A00003 Fake Anna 00:22:40 Hitchin RC
17 A01969 Peel Steven 00:22:51 NHRR
18 A00495 Lewis Bob 00:23:01 Hitchin RC
19 A00694 Thrussell Caroline 00:23:54 NHRR
20 A00116 Wallis Robert 00:24:00 Bedford H.
21 A01771 Clarke Natasha 00:24:23 Unattached
22 A00114 Laing Michael 00:24:47 n/a
23 A01338 Cheffy Rachel 00:24:58 n/a
24 A01974 Francis Jan 00:25:03 Unattached
25 A01398 Laing Andrew 00:25:42 n/a
26 A01492 Fraser Jennie 00:26:02 NCHH
27 A01265 Gibson Andy 00:26:30 n/a
28 A01678 Murray-Rochard Geoff 00:26:51 NHRR
29 A01208 Rogers Kim 00:27:05 n/a
30 A01797 Agius Lewina 00:27:08 NHRR
31 A01825 Oving Anna 00:27:14 Unattached
32 A00260 Shortland Tony 00:27:22 Team Trident
33 A00683 Strong David 00:27:30 n/a
34 A01326 Porter Andrew 00:27:55 NHRR
35 A01719 Dalton Anthony 00:28:23 n/a 12 yrs
36 A01691 Dalton James 00:28:24 NHRR
37 A01109 Wallis Diane 00:28:38 Bedford H.
38 A00463 Tinkler Mark 00:28:38 Bedford H.
39 A00813 Murch Amy 00:29:02 n/a
40 A01279 Howitt David 00:29:03 n/a
41 A00131 Davenport John 00:29:29 n/a
42 A01659 Cowood Stephen 00:29:57 n/a
43 A00024 Boss Bob 00:30:20 n/a
44 A00032 Cook Lindsay 00:31:09 NHRR
45 A00907 Power Dawn 00:31:46 NHRR
46 A01992 Knight Wendy 00:31:58 Unattached
47 A01706 Dent Alison 00:39:25 Trisports

Re: FSOM October Results

Ah...left a message on Facebook as couldn't post from my phone but works from my laptop.....anyhow, my son Oliver Sutton finished in 21st place today, barcodes were definitely scanned but unfortunately he is missing from the results. Any chance he could be added in as he would love to know his official time. Many thanks

Re: FSOM October Results

Hi Samantha, it's a real mystery, as far as I can tell the race result is correct.

We do not have Oliver in our database, no 'Oliver Sutton'.

Please could you send me his bar code number.


Re: FSOM October Results

Yes it's A01771 he was the 13 year old in the blue running top and I was there with him in my yellow raincoat

Re: FSOM October Results

He has run before using this number too so I don't understand why he isn't in your database.

Re: FSOM October Results

You can see him with this number in December 2017 when he finished in position 183 and he has done it ca couple of times since with that barcode number and again today

Re: FSOM October Results

I can see it's also wrong and in someone elses name from when he did the dawn run on the dawn and dusk event

Re: FSOM October Results

Samantha, thanks for all the replies & info. It does look as though Oliver has somehow been replaced in the database by the data of 'Natasha Clarke'. I will investigate.

Oliver was 21st today - and we have an error - apologies.

The official result will be amended accordingly:

21 A01771 Sutton Oliver 00:24:23 13yrs


Re: FSOM October Results

Thanks Brian, much appreciated, sorry about all the messages lol :)