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"You are awesome", "You got this" - Chicago marathon 2018 supporters mantra!

The wondering squirrels - Andy and I popped over to Chicago for the weekend for the Chicago 5km and marathon...

We rocked up to the 5km nice and early to pick up our numbers, right into a lightening storm and downpour! Luckily the rain was expected so we were fully kitted out in UK rain gear (trousers and top) much to the amusement of some of the locals (who then admitted they wanted to know where to get the trousers from). That was the only thing we prepared for!!! Remembering the nice, leisurely, informal, breakfast runs in Paris and Berlin, we were expecting to arrive, have a jolly run, then eat... ooops... having met a Redway Runner in the start corral we discovered it was a competitive timed run (I hadn't spotted the chip on the number) and there was no breakfast - eeeek. Oh well, that wasn't going to phase us, we stuck to plan 1 and jogged the 5km whist sightseeing and trying to work out how to get to the expo and where we were going to find brekkie. We did get a time 31.40 but that reflects plan 1!

So, onto Sunday morning. Andy very sensibly stayed at the hotel for brekkie (there is a theme here!) Whilst I headed into town for the marathon. The rain started whilst we were standing at the start (another theme!) To ensure we were drenched before we started. This is the first of 5 marathons I have this autumn and with my Achilles playing up my plan 1 was to enjoy the run and take lots of photos (actually, that seems to be plan 1 for most of my events :grinning: I stuck to this plan and really did enjoy the event. The supporters were amazing and made everything so memorable. There were amusing signs, dancing (naturally I joined in but with no slippers in sight...), cheering, music and (see below for the rest). I finished in 4.48.16 which wasn't too bad.

This but isn't for coaches ;-)

I don't eat gels during events as I can't stand them. My nutrition is usually a very dodgy affair at best made up of what I can find when I arrive. However, the supporters this time had it sorted :joy: I had a feast of jolly ranchers, Haribo, skittles, fruit, pretzels (beer and wine were also on offer but I drew the line at them) all curteosy of complete strangers... I should write a book on alternative race nutrition :upside_down_face:

Re: "You are awesome", "You got this" - Chicago marathon 2018 supporters mantra!

Ps excuse my terrible spelling. That was plan 2 :upside_down_face:

Re: "You are awesome", "You got this" - Chicago marathon 2018 supporters mantra!

And as well as two beers (which Andy enjoyed) I came away with 2 pairs of slippers. Ready for the next dance...