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Chicksands session Sat 13th Oct

Due to popular demand, and because it’s a beautiful place to run, I will be coaching a session at Chicksands on Saturday. Please park in Rowney Warren car park by 8.55am as we will be running on the other side of the woods and will leave the car park at 9am prompt:). I am going over today to recce and will post details of session and advice about shoes once I’ve had a run round the course. The session will be suitable for all abilities and after a warm up and a few drills will consist of loops round a hilly course. This will be a great introduction to XC and a lovely way to start the weekend. We will be back in the car park by 10am. Hope to see you:)

Re: Chicksands session Sat 13th Oct

Beautiful run around Chicksands this morning:) Found 3 loops of approx 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile and 0.6M so we are go fir Saturday. I ran in trainers, but not my OnClouds which might pick up pine cones and large stones in the soles, and was fine. Trail shoes would also be good, particularly if it rains a lot tomorrow, but spikes are a no as there is too much on the ground that they could spear. If it is thundering and lightning on Sat am please check the forum as it woukdn’t Be a good idea to be running in a forest in a storm. Look forward to seeing some of you on Saturday.

Re: Chicksands session Sat 13th Oct

Thank you for the session this morning Karen. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for all the great company too!

Hope everyone else loved it?!

The Cross country league is just as fantastic, it’s coming up soon, so hoping to see you all there :hugging_face:

Re: Chicksands session Sat 13th Oct

Thank you Karen for a great session this morning - reminding us that cross country is tough but fun! :evergreen_tree: :deciduous_tree: :fallen_leaf: :maple_leaf: