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Only 6 sleeps to go

Dear All,

There are only 6 sleeps to go before this years Standalone T shirt comes to an end. Aaaahh I hear you all say. Astrid and Steve have done an outstanding job with the organisation. The video revealing was just superb.

But the end is nigh. I have presented 116 to club members, helpers and families.

After Thursday next week the remainder will go to a really good home to make sure they are used wisely and not in a land fill.

So, if you want one, another one or you know someone who would benefit from one.

Please let me know.


Re: Only 6 sleeps to go

I was away last week, so haven’t managed to pick one up yet. Can I have a lady’s large or men’s medium please?

Re: Only 6 sleeps to go

Ho Jo,

No mens mediums but plenty of ladies large. See you this week.