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Ampthill studs or trail

Any ideas on what to wear Sunday?!?!? Trail shoes or studs??

Re: Ampthill studs or trail

Take both Hannah - to give your self an option.

I would probably favour studs, if you have that option. You’ll probably benefit from something more aggressive than normal Trail. There are some stoney loose surface sections, some muddy woodland sections and some grassy sections. I don’t anticipate too much mud, but you never know with the rain we had last week.

Plus would give your studs a trial before XC.

Last year I ran in spikes and I ended up with sore feet as some of the stoney sections. This year I would favor my studs.

Normally I would bring both studs and spikes with me and see what the surface feels like as well as asking around...

Re: Ampthill studs or trail

Thanks John!! Never run this one before so looking forward to it!!

Re: Ampthill studs or trail

I'll be running in trail as that's all I have I'm looking foward to it I think!!

Re: Ampthill studs or trail

Hannah - I just checked and saw that I wore my Mudclaws for this last year. They're my xc shoes and they are moulded studs - I'll be wearing them again on Sunday!