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Training Tues 20th & Thurs 22nd Nov

Lots of members racing this weekend so there should be some company for an easy run on Tuesday. However, if you didn't race sessions are as follows:
Tuesday's training for blue group is 7 x Wheat Hill with 60s recovery, green group session is 5 x 1200m with 90s recovery using the Broadway/South View loop, yellow group have 2 x 7 mins with 1 minute between the reps and 2 minutes between the sets whilst purple's session is a ladder of 2 x 5/4/3/2/ mins from Grange Rd roundabout.

On Thursday purple group have 4 x 1000m at Broadway/St Francis with 2 minutes recovery, yellow group a fartlek of 2/3/4/5/4/3/2 mins with 2 mins easier running to loop back and both green and blue group's session is a 30 minute tempo run with a 10-15 minute warm up and cool down.

There will not be a track session on Saturday due to Sunday's XC race:) Enjoy!