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Press Report for week ending Sunday 25th Nov

Please post your results, your highs and your lows of your racing week, by 7pm this evening. Please include your full name, event name any quotes, thoughts and feelings on your efforts and do send any photos of you in action or before or after through to!

Thank you so much,


Re: Press Report for week ending Sunday 25th Nov

Well there was a big posse of us out at Hatfield 5 mile this morning; results (chip times) for those listed as North Herts Road Runners in the entries list are below (position at end are category, overall). For me at least this was the perfect antidote to a hilly cross country because as much as they make us stronger, hills also exhaust some of us. We were all thrilled to make it in under an hour, and very well done to Ian on the M70 category win. We have team pictures and some purple group photos too.

STEWART OVERTON 00:28:37 Senior. 12, 17
STUART COCKS 00:35:46 M40 60, 137
F LUCY O'CONNOR 00:42:54 W50. 20, 98
IAN SUTCLIFFE 00:42:52 M70. 1, 231
LORNA CHAMBERS 00:48:04 W50. 51, 185
BRIAN JUDKINS 00:50:33 M60 27, 291
HELEN MARSON-SMITH 00:50:38 Senior 63, 230
SHANI FIELDING 00:51:43 W40 101, 243
HAYLEY COCKS 00:51:44 W40 102, 245
KELLY HANLON 00:53:31 W40 116, 277
JO KENLIN 00:55:30 W40 125, 301
JOANNE SOPALA. 00:57:18 W40 128, 309
CLARE HOOLEY 00:57:47 W40 131, 312
LINDSEY LUCAS 00:58:37 W50 81, 320

Edit to add - one more!

ELWYN HOWELL 00:43:23 M50 57, 242

Re: Press Report for week ending Sunday 25th Nov

BASSINGBOURN BELLE 10 MILER - First run since I fell flat on my face, completed in 1.41.44

Re: Press Report for week ending Sunday 25th Nov

Having not really done any 5 mile races it's hard to know what's a good time judging by my social 5 milers I said to myself I was going to aim for 50 minutes! That's quite a bit quicker than we have done 5 miles...... We stuck in the 6s the whole way feeling good dipped into the 5s for the last km good even pace the whole way 😊

Re: Press Report for week ending Sunday 25th Nov

I ran this mornings Hatfield 5 mile and enjoyed the flat and quick course.

Personal commitments meant I couldn’t make the trip to Wellingborough and be back in time so I took on a more local race.

First effort racing over this distance and it was a good test. Do you adopt a 5k race pace and hang on or go for 10k with a bit more to give. In the end I did neither but was pleased with a time of 28:37.

Nice to see some other squirrels over the line and another V70 win for Ian. Inspirational stuff and I hope to be that good when I’m over 70 to.

Re: Press Report for week ending Sunday 25th Nov

Three Counties XC. Event 2 Results. Wellingborough

Individual results will follow in a different post... We had 31 finishers.

However, the provisional team results are as follows. We got third in men and ladies, but once again - we were the most consistent team and got the combined victory on the day. Meaning we are still leading overall. :+1:

Thanks to all that ran and cheered. Thank you to Ernie and Michelle for doing the scoring for us. Thanks to all supporters! Thanks to Katie and Dickie for helping at the water crossing. :pray:

As always, I really enjoyed the spirit of the team today. We had a few missing, but those that we had weren't missing any heart. :clap: We had some great individual and team performances on a tough, strength sapping course and some ice cold water. :grimacing:

Thanks and congratulations to Natalie and Wayne for their NHRR debuts! Natalie was first lady.

Well done everybody!

So, on the day...

Ladies :dancer:

1. Biggleswade / Wellingborough
3. NHRR :raised_hands:
4. Bedford
5. Ampthill

Men :runner:

1. Ampthill
2. Rugby
3. NHRR :raised_hands:
4. Wellingborugh
5. Bedford

Combined :couple:

1. NHRR :raised_hands:
2. Ampthill
3. Wellingborough
4. Rugby

This means that overall after 2 events.

Combined :couple:

1. NHRR :raised_hands:
2. Ampthill
3. Wellingborough
4. Bedford

I will post the full results, including points, when we have them.

Re: Press Report for week ending Sunday 25th Nov

Well done to everyone who tackled Hatfield and Bassingbourn. Great to see such fab performances from Purple Group.

There is more good news to come from the XC at Wellingborough. XC supremo John A will post the results, but well done to everyone who took on the many up and downs of Croyland Park - and the notorious water jumps.....

Re: Press Report for week ending Sunday 25th Nov

Stuart cocks Hatfield 5m race finished in 35.46 first time I've raced this was a nice course quite please with run finishing in 159place out 800 😁😁

Re: Press Report for week ending Sunday 25th Nov

Sorry, just for clarity, the overall positions for Hatfield I’ve given above are overall positions for each gender!

Re: Press Report for week ending Sunday 25th Nov

It was good to see more people from our club running in this event especially the Purple group. I'm sure they were all pleased with their times.

Re: Press Report for week ending Sunday 25th Nov

Runners at Wellingborough Three Counties XC

Scoring for the men was Tom, Darren S, Wayne, Matt, Ed, Darren M, Nick and Vince.
Scoring for the ladies was Natalie, Paula, Jane and Ellie.

Here are the individual finishers. Well done everybody!

6, Tom Web
8, Darren Sunter
11, Wayne Bell
12, Matt Sayers
13, Ed Price
33, Darren Matussa
43, Nick Malpeli
44, Natalie Lawrence
49, Vincent Wright
52, Lee Hayes
53, John Auld
60, James Keogh
78, Adrian Sherwood
79, James Walsh
88, Ian Datlen
97, Pete Sibbet
102, David Welsh
107, Paula Adams
160, Jane Clarke
161, Andrew Underhill
203, Ellie Web
232, Helen Harbon
260, Ho Harbon
264, Jillian Boys
284, Linda Aird
296, Karren Dodsworth
305, Jeff Murray-Rochard
310, Cara Sutton
329, Andrew Porter
330, Miranda Morgan
355, Lindsay Cook

Re: Press Report for week ending Sunday 25th Nov

Colworth Hare and Tortoise for me - a nice, off road 5.25 mile run 5 times. It is the route of the Colworth 5 plus a lap of the playing field if anyone remembers that. Lovely day to run. I confess I was a bit stiff still from last week and having had little sleep and eaten rubbish all day Saturday I did struggle somewhat so was pretty pleased to finish in 4.01 which is a course PB for me!