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Plea for support at our XC

Hi Team!

I really really really would like to see a fantastic performance from NHRR at our hosted XC race. Don’t we all?

Please please please can I ask that we get as many supporters as possible to our race on the 16th December.

We need enough helpers and marshals to make the race possible.

This means that if we do not get enough support, people who are enthusiastic about XC, we will have to assist at the event rather than running. These people will help out the club because they are absolute super stars. However, it would be rather nice if we had support from the club to avoid this issue. We are a team, and there are many roles within that team. Overall I think we are the best team in the league, so let’s prove it.

Please can I ask that if you are available to help, then please do so. This massively helps the club. It helps with team moral in the first instance. It is always fantastic to see a fellow squirrel. However, the main thing your presence helps with is that someone who is passonate about XC, can infact run our own race. It’s only fair to the people who travel far afield - that they get the opportunity to run our own race.

Marshalling is a great experience! We will give you training, although all you need is a bit of enthusiasm, and it’s great way to experience a race. It’s great to cheer for somebody and have them thank you. Have you ever ran a race and had an enthusiastic marshal? It’s a memorable thing. They help you get through the race. You appreciate these people, they allow us to run the race. This could be you! It’s a great way to give something back to running.

I personally would like to see as many squirrels as possible at the event. If you don’t like XC, don’t like mud, cold, rain. Fair enough. Please come and marshal or help for a bit wearing your warmest cloths and bring a flask. Your efforts will not be missed. You will be helping the club as much as anybody else.

It’s also the Christmas race, so it’s fun to dress up. Bring your best Christmas outfits and festivivity.

I also would love to smash this event in terms of the scoring team. We need to be targeting yet another combined victory and hopefully a women’s and men’s teams victory’s too.

Please put your name down, so we know who we have. I really want our XC to be the biggest and bestest and have a team victory’s too. The earlier you volunteer, the easier and less stressful it is for the organisers. :+1:

Please also, do your best to run! We want as many runners as possible, providing we have the support behind the runners.

Let’s do this! :raised_hands:


Re: Plea for support at our XC

Hi Team, Good news is that the marshal grid is looking OK now, so thanks to those kind people. We still require some help with setup on the Saturday, so please volunteer if you are able to help out. :+1: Likewise on the Sunday, we still require some help with setup, packing up afterwards, food preparation and cakes. Without this support, we cannot host the best race of the season. Cakes can be bought, so don’t worry if you are not the best baker, however, why not have a go. Even I can bake flapjack - admittedly I haven’t quite perfected it yet. :cake: :doughnut: :cookie: If you are running then baking is a great option to provide support as well as helping afterwards. :pray: :pray: :pray: #REPRESENT

Re: Plea for support at our XC

Happy to help on Saturday with the setup Geoff

Re: Plea for support at our XC

happy to help set up on the Saturday

Re: Plea for support at our XC

Hi I am happy to help on the Saturday.

Re: Plea for support at our XC

John - think I posted on the other thread that I can help on Saturday afternoon with the course set up if required.

Re: Plea for support at our XC

I have already signed up to help with sunday morning food prep but would also be available to help on saturday afternoon if needed!

Re: Plea for support at our XC

Can help Saturday and after race Sunday if required :slightly_smiling_face:

Re: Plea for support at our XC

I can help in any way on Sunday but not on Saturday I'm afraid.