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Update about Chris Amoss

Dear All,

You may have heard that Chris Amoss took a nasty tumble last night at training. He was taken to the Lister where it was discovered that he had fractured his ankle. He is going back next week to check on any ligament damage.

We wish Chris a speedy recovery. He has only recently joined the club and is getting fitter and faster all the time. This will, hopefully, be just a small set back.

I will keep the club updated with his progress.

It serves as a gentle reminder to us all. On the dark nights it is essential that we all wear hi vis and also a light/torch. We can't do too much about the street lights. However, we can do something about our own visibility.

Thank you.


Re: Update about Chris Amoss

Poor guy he fell right in front of me I felt helpless to not help him and was thinking about him all night wondering if he was OK wishing you a, speedy recovery and hope to see you back again.


Re: Update about Chris Amoss

Sorry to hear that Chris - hope you recover soon.

Re: Update about Chris Amoss

Poor Chris, I was wondering about how nasty an injury he had suffered. Wishing him a speedy recovery!