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Our XC race - marshals & helpers 'Grid' now online

Thank you again to everyone who has volunteered to help with hosting the cross-country race at Standalone Farm this Sunday 16th December.

The 'Grid' showing who is doing which job is now online. Go to our homepage, scroll to the bottom under 'Upcoming races' and click on 'helpers list'.

We ended up with more volunteers than jobs, so please do not be offended if your name is not on the list. We didn't want to give people roles just for the sake of it and then have people hanging around with nothing to do. If this means you can focus on the race itself (either running or supporting), then great!

Finally, I really want to stress that everyone who wants to run can do so. We need another strong set of performances to keep us at the top of the League.

Many thanks again and let's put on a great show on Sunday!


PS - Please don't forget to bring cakes / mince pies etc. We are champion bakers!

Re: Our XC race - marshals & helpers 'Grid' now online

Update - we have taken the 'Sunday set-up' team off the Grid. We now expect to have these jobs done on Saturday afternoon. So these people can stay in bed longer!

We'll post a new version of the Grid, but that might take a short while.



Re: Our XC race - marshals & helpers 'Grid' now online

Hi james,

I'm done to marshall, however I'm not available now- last minute parenting duty means that i can't make it on Sunday now.

Re: Our XC race - marshals & helpers 'Grid' now online

HI James
Lorna Chambers has very kindly volunteered to take my spot marshalling on Sunday- hope this works for you!

Re: Our XC race - marshals & helpers 'Grid' now online

Jennie, thank you - just seen your last message. I have already put a request out to another member to fill that spot but will take up Lorna's kind offer if that doesn't work.

Will post again on Saturday.

Re: Our XC race - marshals & helpers 'Grid' now online

Jennie - Michelle Grudzinski has kindly agreed to replace you. Lorna is welcome to come to the marshal briefing at 0915 in case we need an extra person on the course. In any case we can always use one or two extra people around the finish area.