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Three Counties XC Results - Event 3 - Letchworth

Results are available here

Here are the results!

It’s getting exciting!

The ladies were fantastic today, it was soo close between us and Biggleswade. Just a single point in it. :scream:

This in conjunction with Wellingborough women finishing 4th, means that the ladies are now only a single point behind Wellingborough for the lead. However Biggleswade are joint 2nd with us. It’s very close! However, we have the lower score at present, so one point catch up will give us the lead! With 2 events left means that there’s a great chance of the victory here! Fantastic! Let’s keep the momentum going ladies!

We are in a great position in the overall combined too, but still need to keep it going. Our lead is not insurmountable. We need to push all the way through the line, no easing off the throttle. Let’s win every race! :+1:

It’s evident that we have the best combined team in the league, we need to keep it going, both men and women. :boom:

Two more events left in January.

Amptill 13th
Wootton 27th


Event 3 scores


1. Amptill 105
2. NHRR 125 :raised_hands:
3. Bedford 314
3. Wellingborough 314
5. Rugby 429

Women :dancer:

1. Biggleswade 29
2. NHRR 30 :raised_hands:
3. Bedford 56
4. Wellingborough 60
5. Amptill 69

Combined :couple:

1. NHRR 512 :raised_hands:
2. Amptill 651
3. Wellingborough 821
4. Bedford 823
5. Biggleswade 1109

Overall league points after 3 events

Men :runner:

1. Amptill 39
2. NHRR 35 :raised_hands:
3. Wellingborough 31
4. Bedford 31
5. Rugby 29

Women :dancer:

1. Wellingborough 36
2. NHRR 35 :raised_hands:
3. Biggleswade 35
4. Bedford 32
5. Ampthill 29

Combined :couple:

1. NHRR 39 :raised_hands:
2. Amptill 36
3. Wellingborough 33
4. Bedford 29
5. Biggleswade 24

Re: Three Counties XC Results - Event 3 - Letchworth

Some stats for you... :writing_hand:

62 heroic individual runners have turned out in the 3 races so far, totalling 118 finishers (46, 31, 41) :hand:

24 people have ran a single race. :+1:
20 people have ran 2 races :clap:
18 people have ran all 3 races.:raised_hands:

This is slightly up on last year, where after 3 races we had 101 finishers, 58 individuals.

Compared to some other clubs, which, incidentally, are all behind us in the combined team competition.

Amptill have turned out 197 finishers, including 102 individuals.
Bedford have turned out 269 finishers, including 128 individuals.

Whilst we are beating these teams with fewer runners, it would be nice to get as many squirrels running as possible in the remaining races.

If you haven’t run one yet, there’s two races in January, come along, join the party! :boom: