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Oh, what a perfect day...

Sunday 16th December was:) Huge thanks to everyone who helped at the XC and gave so many club members the opportunity to run our XC race. This was my debut on our course and I loved it. Just the right amount of mud, puddles and club mates to chase:) Support from marshals was outstanding and how lovely was Phil's musical contribution. However, the best bet was definitely my sprint finish where I overtook a Beds Harrier 2 yards from the line who I found out from the results was in my age category - result! 2nd best was the delicious roll and Linda Aird home made biscuits (yes, I confess I ate 2!!) complete with a welcome hot cup of tea. Thank you to all those who helped with the food prep with a special mention for James who turned up with his gazebo weight squashed foot! Also fabulous job from Helen, Jo and Randeep for supplying all those teas ad coffees:)

And then, Christmas meal with 76 lovely squirrels at the Hermitage. Great venue, great food and great company. In fact so great I didn't once think about BBC Sports Personality! Have to admit I was gutted Dina Asher-Smith didn't place but thrilled the Roses won. Massive thanks to Helen and then social team for organising such an awesome event and thanks to everyone who was able to attend and made it such a lovely evening.

Re: Oh, what a perfect day...

My first cross country as a new runner I'm over the moon to have not come in last I was in fact 356/400 I actually over took people I never thought this would happen on my first XC experience great course I loved it fantastic event too 😊 seems training is paying off look foward to seeing what I can achieve in 2019.

The food at the hermitage was outstanding lovely venue.

Re: Oh, what a perfect day...

HH & Co Promotions will be back. Next big event is Awards night.