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Press reports rota - your opportunity to get into print!

We've had some great coverage in the Comet and on other local media over the last few months - largely due to our team of writers who take it in turns to write a short report on our results and adventures.

I am about to put together the next rota and I would be delighted to add some more names to it. At present we have seven volunteers, so the task comes around (surprisingly enough) every seven weeks. It takes an hour or two on a Sunday evening.

The Forum thread 'Guidelines for posting race results for weekly press report' gives a good overview of what's involved, but we also have a short paper with more guidance. Essentially, it's a case of gathering results from the Forum, writing them up in a 'newsy' way, adding a photo or two if available and emailing the result to the Comet, Mercury and Sportscene online radio.

Please post here if you would like to get involved, or ask me or Ed for further info.

Thank you!