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Training Tues 8th & Thurs 10th Jan

Tuesday's training for yellow group will be 400m reps at St Francis whilst on Thursday Brian will be coaching Wheat Hill reps. Blue group have 6 x 1M at St Pauls on Tuesday with 90s recovery or a steady/tempo/easy run if you raced today at the counties and depending on your fatigue levels. Thursday's session will be the opposite, 6 x 1M or 20-30 min tempo. Any club member is welcome to join me for the mile reps on either Tuesday or Thursday.
Green group session on Tuesday will be a ladder of 2 x 5/4/3/2 mins with 60s between each effort and on Thursday it will be a 20-30 min tempo run with a 10min warm up and cool down.
Purple group session on Tuesday will be 3 or 4 x 1200m on the Grange Rd loop with 2mins recovery whilst Thursday's session is 8 x 400m with 90s recovery at St Francis. Due to the Laegue XC race on Sunday there will not be a track session on Saturday. the coaches are currently completing schedules for all our wonderful training groups for the next 3 months and these will be circulated once we have checked for clashes:)

Here's to a fabulous 12 months of running with NHRR!