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Training Tuesday 22nd & Thursday 24th January

Tuesday's session for blue group will be 1 x 3M (2mins) & 3 x 1M (90s) from Willian Way traffic lights. Green group session is 6-8 x 1000m at St Francis with 90s jog recovery whilst yellow group are at Haymoor for 5 x 1K hill reps with 2 mins recovery. Meanwhile, purple group have a fartlek of 6 x 4 mins with 2 mins easier runing between each effort.

On Thursday those of you targeting a half marathon or marathon in the Spring might like to enjoy a tempo run or a run including miles at marathon pace. With Brian away, we will be mixing the groups and the session will be a ladder of 2 x 5 mins, 4 mins, 3 mins, 2 mins with 60s recovery between each rep. This will be on the left hand side of Icknield Way.

Due to Sunday's final XC League Race and the SoEAA XC race on Saturday there will not be a track session this week.

Re: Training Tuesday 22nd & Thursday 24th January

hmmm, will it be a frosty, fluffy white run tonight or not? Place your bets pls! :snowflake: