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Message for Treasurers...

Hi Treasurers - I sent an email to the NHRR Treasurer address a couple of weeks ago - did either of you pick it up? When I cleared the pile of mail from my now sold flat there was an invoice and a few reminders from Stevenage Borough Council re hire of Ridlins for MWL. Not sure why I am still getting these as I haven't been treasurer for quite a few years now but if any more go to that address they won't get picked up as it has now been sold and as I haven't lived there for 6 years they won't get forwarded... Could someone let me know where to send them before SBC send the bailiffs round to my old flat?!

Re: Message for Treasurers...

Hi Jo,

I think that these were resolved and paid. Howver, send them to me at 19 Haselfoot, Letchworth. SG6 4DE. They are MWL STUFF.


Re: Message for Treasurers...

OK - will do!

Re: Message for Treasurers...

In the post tomorrow!