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Training Turs 5th, Thurs 7th & Sat 9th Mar

Tuesday's training for purple group is 0.7M warm up, 3-4 x 1200m Broadway/South View loop (walk back to start recovery) with a 0.7M warm down back to the club. Yellow group session is 6 x600m with 2 mins recovery on the Wilbury Road/Grange Road loop and green group have a fartlek of 8 mins warm up easy running, 2/3/4/5/4/3/2 mins with 1/2 rep easier running to loop back & regroup followed by 8 mins easy warm down. This will need to be organised in to groups of similar ability, if you have a whistle please bring it along:) Blue group are at St Paul's for 6 x 1M with 90s recovery.

On Thursday some members have signed up for Simon Mennell's 3rd and final club run session, Physical Prepartion but as it is the 1st Thursday of the Month it is also our #runandtalk event hosted by Naomi and her team. More details about both of these events are on separate posts.

Saturday's track session starts at 9.15am at Ridlins with drills followed by 2 x 800m, 4 x 400m, 4 x 200m & 4 x 100m with half rep jog recovery. Please bring your foam roller and £2 payable to FVS. Please sign up below if you are attending track. Karen & Pete will be coaching.

Technique point this week - zip it to rip it!! ie you need to run tall:)