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Press report for week ending 17th March

Please put your race report in this thread only. If it’s not in this thread it won’t be included in the report, even if you’ve posted it elsewhere on the forum.

The cut-off time is 7pm on Sunday. If you’re not able to get your race report in before then, please add it to the following week’s thread, or else come to an arrangement with the press report writer beforehand.

Please include your full name (no initials for surnames etc.). As a general rule, don’t make any assumptions about what you think the report writer already knows about you/your race. Work on the principle that they only know the information you’ve written in your report.

Please be specific: What is the full/proper name of the race? Where is it? How far is it? What was your exact time? If you ran for a charity, what is the charity’s full/proper name?

Wherever possible, please add background information, anything that the report writer could potentially use as a quote: How did it go? How did you feel? Why did you do it? Why that race/charity/distance?

Any pictures can be sent to



Re: Press report for week ending 17th March

Two races to post, missed previous deadline

Sunday, 3 March 2019
Molly Barnett / England Athletics 10k Race Walk Championship
Warwick University, Coventry

One of the bigger domestic road races, many of the countries top walkers were there.
As a championship race new international rules are applied for 2019; 3 reds resulting in a one minute pit lane penalty. A further red would mean disqualification.

Happy to come through this one and comfortably inside 50 mins

8th 49:17 PB


Saturday 16th March
Steyning AC Slater Bryce Memorial Race Walk 10,000m
Broadbridge Heath Track, Horsham

On Saturday I travelled to Sussex for the opportunity to get a longer track race.
Wet and windy but the conditions were less of a hindrance than I had anticipated in improving my 10k PB. I kept my concentration to continue at the finish knowing that I'd been given the bell a lap early.

1st 48:29.3 PB


Re: Press report for week ending 17th March

Thanks to Carina, I ran the Ashridge Boundary Run yesterday with Linda and Miranda. This was the first time I have taken part in this 16.5 mile trail run around Ashridge and it was just my kind of run. At least half of it was pretty muddy underfoot (thank goodness once again for my mudclaws), it was fairly hilly and extremely windy on Ivinghoe Beacon, there were moments when I could barely stand up let alone run!

I can't find any official results yet but my watch time was 3h39m (including a 17 minute mile while trying to get up Ivinghoe in a gale!).

Re: Press report for week ending 17th March

Helen, Jane and Paula invited me to go down to the Fleet half marathon with them today. It was a lovely course with perfect weather. Ran a 2 min pb in 1:36:28, which I was thrilled with and a new club record,, but it seems not fast enough for an England vest- first in my old age catagory was 1:29! There were some amazing runners there. However there was fantastic support. And a whole bunch of squirrels which was lovely.

Re: Press report for week ending 17th March

As Lindsay says, the 40+mph winds and miles of thick mud at Ashridge made it a very challenging run - going over Ivinghoe Beacon there were moments when I was afraid I would be blown off my feet! The official results for the event give us the following finishing times:

Linda Aird 3:12:46
Miranda Morgan 3:22:11
Lindsay Cook 3:40:04

Re: Press report for week ending 17th March

A few squirrels pounded round the roads and redways of Milton Keynes today in various races, 5k 10K half making up the MK Festival of Running. There was a 20 miler but not sure any squirrels were in that.

I was pleased with my effort resulting in a time of 1.01.30- a 6.5 minutes improvement on my debut 10K at Sandy last week.

Re: Press report for week ending 17th March

Jim Marvell and I (Ali Mottram) ran the half at the MK Festival of running.

It was my first half and I’m absolutely chuffed with my time of 2:35:24. (I’d been hoping for 2:45 or so!)

The course was more scenic and a little more undulating than I’d expected. The last couple of miles were particularly tough but we found a small reserve of energy for the all important sprint finish.

Re: Press report for week ending 17th March

Chip times for everybody running at the MK festival of running under North Herts entries are as below:

10 K

Lorna Chambers 01:01:30
Clare Hooley 01:11:34

Half Marathon

John Rayner 01:21:28
James Keogh 01:33:41
Sophie Thrussell 01:40:23
Ali Mottram 02:35:24
Jim Marvell 02:35:25

20 mile

Adam Wilson 03:25:05

We (James Keogh, Clare Hooley) also ran in the MK festival of running today (results above). This was a nice event with lots of options for distance and a fair sized crowd overall. Between the howling winds yesterday and the hail storms after the race it definitely caught the best of the weekend weather. Not to say that there weren’t some blustery headwinds at points. The courses for 10k and 1/2, are generally downhill from the start and more uphill towards the finish with a short sharp hill in the last mile. After that you know you’re near the finish though.

Owing to injury I’m only just getting back to this kind of distance so was pretty pleased with my time all things considered. Clare’s effort was a PB by a few seconds. Also an entire 9 mins faster than at the same event last year. She says that’s probably as a result of actually being able to do some training.

Generally haven’t put the placings above, but congratulations to John Rayner for coming 11th. I understand he was planning to do a half in Paris but had to change plans at the last moment. I’m sure this was just as glamorous really!

Re: Press report for week ending 17th March

Fleet for me also today, a 50 second pb & 14th place finishing in 1:12:36

Results i found for other squirrels:

Adam Bowller 1070 M35 01:12:36 01:12:36
Edward Price 895 M40 01:17:58 01:17:55
Darren Matussa 1606 M40 01:25:14 01:25:09
Katie Harbon 3072 FSEN 01:28:56 01:28:28
Astrid McKeown 3373 F45 01:29:43 01:29:20
Paula Adams 3052 F45 01:30:48 01:30:20
Caroline Thrussell 3317 F55 01:37:00 01:36:28
Helen Cairns 3050 F40 01:41:10 01:40:38
Jane Clarke 3051 F40 01:50:07 01:49:36

Re: Press report for week ending 17th March

I ran the Reading half marathon today. It was a deferral from last year (snow cancellation). Loads of support on the course, couple of steep climbs, but nice race, well marshalled and well organised (with free massages at the end!). I was very apprehensive and a little scared about trying to race after all my time off with surgery etc, but once I started was so happy to be out actually racing and trying to push the pace. I was 10 mins off my PB, but it's all relative and with the circumstances I'm immensely happy with a 1:36:17 and I actually ran it sensibly and negative split the race, so a big lesson learned here! More than anything it has given me a confidence boost that I will get back to where I was (and hopefully faster!!)

Re: Press report for week ending 17th March

Just completed the Welwyn half marathon in a PBof 2 hours 10 mins and 26 seconds very muddy