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Re: Press report for week ending 17th March

Fleet for me also today, a 50 second pb & 14th place finishing in 1:12:36

Results i found for other squirrels:

Adam Bowller 1070 M35 01:12:36 01:12:36
Edward Price 895 M40 01:17:58 01:17:55
Darren Matussa 1606 M40 01:25:14 01:25:09
Katie Harbon 3072 FSEN 01:28:56 01:28:28
Astrid McKeown 3373 F45 01:29:43 01:29:20
Paula Adams 3052 F45 01:30:48 01:30:20
Caroline Thrussell 3317 F55 01:37:00 01:36:28
Helen Cairns 3050 F40 01:41:10 01:40:38
Jane Clarke 3051 F40 01:50:07 01:49:36

Re: Press report for week ending 17th March

I ran the Reading half marathon today. It was a deferral from last year (snow cancellation). Loads of support on the course, couple of steep climbs, but nice race, well marshalled and well organised (with free massages at the end!). I was very apprehensive and a little scared about trying to race after all my time off with surgery etc, but once I started was so happy to be out actually racing and trying to push the pace. I was 10 mins off my PB, but it's all relative and with the circumstances I'm immensely happy with a 1:36:17 and I actually ran it sensibly and negative split the race, so a big lesson learned here! More than anything it has given me a confidence boost that I will get back to where I was (and hopefully faster!!)

Re: Press report for week ending 17th March

Just completed the Welwyn half marathon in a PBof 2 hours 10 mins and 26 seconds very muddy