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New members

With apologies for my inevitable spelling / typing mistakes....please give a warm welcome to the following new members who have officially joined in the last month, and help them to feel part of our wonderful community:

Harry Agius
Glyn Blakey
Sherryl Chatfield
Grace Cleary
Timehin Duncan
Jeanette Everitt
Carl Goodrum
Carol Goodrum
Kat Gourd
Neil Jefferson
Viv Lucas
Nathan Pask
James Poulton
Michelle Scott
Natalie Williams
Gavin Woodcock

Welcome to you all and please ask anything you are not sure about :). As I hope you have found out, we're a pretty friendly bunch!


Re: New members

Thank you! I have only just found this. I must say, I do find you all to be a really friendly and inclusive group of people. Thank you for making me feel so welcome