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SORE League Week 18

Thank you for posting on the SORE League.

The best of luck to all those running in the Milton Keynes Marathon on Bank Holiday Monday! I hope you have a successful and enjoyable day! :four_leaf_clover: :runner:

You can access the latest SORE League by clicking here: Latest SORE League

Points are awarded for every run of 10 miles or more as follows:

10 up to 13 miles: 0.5 point
13 up to 16 miles: 1 point
16 up to 20 miles: 1.5 points
20 up to 26 miles: 2 points
26 up to 30 miles: 3 points
30 miles and over: 4 points

Maximum points score for a single run is 4.

Providing home-made cake after a social run or other valuable services to running: 0.5 point

Half a point will also be awarded if you provide home-made cake when you attend a running event that is less than 10 miles or you are there in a supporting capacity.

Re: SORE League Week 18

Hi Sue - 11 miles for me this morning, Thanks.

Re: SORE League Week 18

After a week resting a sore ankle I managed 12 miles total on Tuesday and a massive 22 today with sophie. Thanks sue

Re: SORE League Week 18

13.9 miles for Andy and I at yesterdays Red Kite Challenge and 13.2 miles for us both at todays Winchcombe cross please!

Re: SORE League Week 18

13.2 miles this morning!

Re: SORE League Week 18


13.1 miles up round Pegsdon and back.


Re: SORE League Week 18

Milton Keynes marathon for me today.

Re: SORE League Week 18

Hi Sue,

Got round to working out the runs for this year prior to realising I could add them to the sore league:

Sat 23rd Feb - 13.16 miles
Sat 2nd Mar - 11.62 miles
Sat 9th Mar - 13.44 miles
Sun 17th Mar - 13.13 miles
Sat 23rd Mar - 15.18 miles

Thank you!
Ali :)

Re: SORE League Week 18

Hi Sue, 11 miles for me yesterday please. Also I did 11.5 miles on 28th April which I don’t think I added. Thank you

Re: SORE League Week 18

I spent an a amazing weekend with a fantastic group of friends and fellow cannicrossers in the Peak District and ran 52km over three days taking on over 1500m of ascent. I ran the whole thing with my four legged running buddy, Lulu, who was an absolute superstar bless her!

Saturday May 4: 12 miles
Monday May 6: 12 miles

Re: SORE League Week 18

Hi Sue i completed the MK half marathon on BH Monday x
Thanks jo