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Press report for week ending 5th May

Hi all,

Please post your race reports below. Please include your full name and all relevant details. The deadline is 7pm tonight, and the email for photos is:

Many thanks in advance,


Re: Press report for week ending 5th May

James Keogh and I (Clare Hooley) were away visiting family over the bank holiday and of course that meant taking on the local parkrun (Lyme Park). This is in fact one of the hilliest courses in the country (the website we saw has it as 516/519) and to boot the surface isn’t the easiest with uneven cobble tracks, woods and bogs. The positive (other than it makes you stronger) is you see all the major sights of the country park and have great views over Manchester.
We have tackled this one before and know that weather can have a huge effect on the course; last time it was winter and we ran round together and a very helpful marshall warned us of a slippy bog up ahead, only for me to go sploosh a few seconds later. This time the marshalls warned us not to worry about the highland cattle, “they were very friendly really and if they got too close they would move them on”. James ran in 21:01 and was slightly disconcerted by the herd of red deer, “definitely more imposing than the deer you get in Norton Common”. They’d gone for me and, partly owing to less bog, I got round in 39:04, 10 mins faster than I’d done it before. Compared to my other parkruns, there was definitely not the tail of slower runners, but of course the tail walkers were so supportive, especially when it was clear I wasn’t too confident on the steep downhills, any more than I had the puff to run the ups!

Re: Press report for week ending 5th May

Hi Phil
FSOTM for me and a new PB of 31.43 about half a minute off my previous time.
I turned up dressed for the sun vest and matching attire and it was a bitter cold wind, came just thinking ill run to feel started off it felt pretty slow but actually when I looked it wasent.
I over took on the second hill of the first lap about 5 people which felt awesome maybe training on that very hill Tuesday helped!
I did manage to settle in after a tough one and half km and finished strong with a PB maybe the new running leggings helped.

Re: Press report for week ending 5th May

Sorry, not quite as hilly as I stated above 513/519!

Re: Press report for week ending 5th May


Mark and Sue Vaughan travelled over to Kings Lynn for the Grand East Anglian Run 10K looking for some quick times before the midweek league kicks off. This is a flat course, with a few twists and turns as it snakes in and around the beautiful town of Kings Lynn.

It was bitterly cold before the start, and a bit windy, but once we got going things warmed up.

Conditions were perfect until about the 7K point where there was a strong headwind which slowed things down a bit, and then again just before the finish.

We were kept company by Pete and Karen who were also running, and it was also great to see Andrew Leach on the start line.

We all had great runs and the results were as follows:

Andrew Leach 4th 33:41
Mark Vaughan 8th 34:05
Pete Sibbett 65th 39:42 (including toilet stop!)
Sue Vaughan 931st 53:39
Karen Dodsworth 980th 54:28

This is a great, well organised race with around 3000 runners, with some faster guys at the front end to provide some good racing and Kings Lynn is quite a nice place for a post race shopping spree - what's not to like!

All in all a great day out.

Karen should have the post race photo.....

Andrew Leach smashes club record

Adding to Mark's great report I can confirm that Andrew Leach, in his 1st race back after an injury, not only finished 4th in the race as a V55 (yes, Pete and Richard he's in your category now!!) but totally smashed the previous club record set in 2003 by Deryk Myall at the Hatfield Broad Oak race. Deryk's record was 39.17 but Andrew ran an incredible 33.41 to break the record by 5 mins 36 seconds!

Another first was set in this race as for the 1st time in 30 years of racing Pete needed a pit stop at 5.5km and as the race was based in a town had to find a suitable location so losing just over a minute of running time:( He will be working on his hydration strategy:)

Phil, I am about to email you a photo.

April fools lead to May madness!

Andy and I did a bit of travelling this weekend after a minor error in UK geography on my part when bokking the two events. Not to mention the foolishness of entering two trail events on consecutive days 🤦‍♀️

Firstly to mid Wales where we competed in the Red Kite Challenge. As is usual for a Welsh race it started uphill, finished uphill and was longer than 13.1 miles. However it was also stunning, beautiful and contained insane uphill sections! We both loved the event save for the strange part where we had already clocked over 13.1 miles and were then sent up and down a hill rather than to the finish line. The guys in Belfast have nothing to complain about 🤷‍♀️ Our garmin time was 2.49.

Then today we headed to Winchcombe for the Winchcombe cross. We had signed up for the marathon as I am chasing 2 UTMB points for a guaranteed entry to the OCC next year. However, 12 weeks in Greece sailing, windsurfing and eating chocolate baklava are not necessarily the best conditions for training 😂😂😂. Andy was doing very well but it soon turned into another photo running adventure (I am a pro at those!) with an ice lolly stop. Although we made the cut off in time we decided to stop at 13.2 miles (for the SORE points (well, they are more important than UTMB ones) and hit the cake shop.

Now to find an event later in the year to get those pesky points...

Re: April fools lead to May madness!

I am intrigued Michelle...what are utmb points and what's the occ?

Re: April fools lead to May madness!

Hi Lindsay,

They are points you need to collect at races if you want to enter the Ultra Marathon Du Mont Blanc ( ). They entitle you to enter the ballot for selection for the race. The OCC is the shortest of the races. As I have been rejected from the ballot for 2 years I am guaranteed a place next year but only if I have enough points. I am now 2 short as I have "lost" the ones I had from a couple of years as they are too old 😭

Re: April fools lead to May madness!

ah ha, i see, thanks!

Re: Press report for week ending 5th May

Monday 6th May 2019

Herts Championships 3000m Race Walk
Ridlins End

A small field - but with training partner George Wilkinson entered in the Open category to make a race of it we followed each other around the 7.5 laps pushing each other to PB's

1 George Wilkinson 13:34.70
2 David Annetts 13:36.25 PB / 1st Herts County Champs


Re: Press report for week ending 5th May

Hi David

This was too late for this week's report I'm afraid. You can copy and paste it into next week's when that thread is published.