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Training Tues 7th, Thurs 9th & Sat 11th May

Tuesday's session for blue group will be 6 x 1000m at 10km pace on the Greenway at Hillbrw with 90s recovery. Green group will be in Norton Common for 5-6 x 800m bridge to bridge hills, also at 10km pace or slightly quicker, with 90s recovery and purples have 2-3 x 1M (10km pace) at St Pauls off 2 minutes recovery.

On Thursday there is a choice of a track session at Highfield of 300m reps with 100m walk back working in pairs or a 20 - 30 min tempo run.

Saturday's track session will be the usual drills followed by 8 - 12 x 400m with 90s or 75s recovery. Cost is £2 payable to FVS to contribute to track hire and session starts at 9.15am sharp.

Brian will post yellow group training:)

Re: Training Tues 7th, Thurs 9th & Sat 11th May

Tuesday - a ladder 5,4,3,2 @ 1 min @ 2 mins - so that's 28 mins of speedy running which we'll do at Standalone.

Thursday - Highfield track - meet at Spirella as usual & drive to Highfield - for a 300m/100m Parlauf.