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Hydration request

Hi I'm just asking here on the off chance someone uses these who would be willing to sell me a couple.
I'm after a tailwind sachet and a couple of high 5 gels for Sundays half I can't find anyone local that sells them I would be extremely greatful thankyou

Re: Hydration request

I don't have any Hayley, I'm afraid, but I would recommend this mail order company - I get all my gels etc. from them:

They usually send stuff out pretty quickly, and are very helpful so if you asked I'm sure they would do their best to get the stuff to you on time.

I put a bulk order in every now and then, and make sure my gel etc. supplies are always topped up!

Re: Hydration request

I've got a couple of spare SIS berry gels you can have for Sunday Hayley if you want them? I'll be running too so can give them to you before we run.