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Thank you, thank you , thank you:)

I just want to thank all squirrels who helped in any way or ran the Greenway Challenge today, you were awesome, fabulous and magnificent! Feedback from 3 runners below shows what a wonderful event we put on and to raise over £4k for our 2 club charities is amazing:) It was a great team effort and as always out team spirit was a winning combination when it came to enjoyment and the feel good factor. I cannot thnak you all enough for making my debut as a race director such a wonderful experience. As always I am so proud to belong to such an incredible club.

Roxanne McDonald
Thank you to everyone who made today possible from organisers to marshals and to the cake bakers! (Whoever made the glittery chocolate cake...amazing!)

Great event, lots of support and encouragement from start to finish and every runner seemed to be happy and jolly with it!

I had a great I smashed my previous time! Woop!!!

Cant wait for next year, this race is now on the "priority" list.

Adam Guest
Fantastic event today thank you very much. Everybody so friendly and just a lovely feel to the event. Beautiful route as well. Will definitely be back next year.

Jennie Freer
Thanks to everyone who supported me buggy running with my two girls today - for the all words of encouragement, for the assistance through the kissing gates, for not telling us to start at the back, for the offers to help push up the hills (I declined!), for the massive cheer as we crossed the finish line 12 minutes faster than last year, for the cake! For all the organisers, marshalls, volunteers. A great race. Don’t think I’ll be back with an even heavier load next year!!
Saw some people taking pics at various points. If anyone has any of us, please let me know. Thank you.

Re: Thank you, thank you , thank you:)

What a great day! Well done Karen! (and a GC first for me, I got a little bit sunburnt doing the timing, oops)

Re: Thank you, thank you , thank you:)

Thank you Karen and Lindsay and everyone else who marshaled and helped out yesterday, my first Greenway Challenge and I thoroughly enjoyed it although my knees need reminding!

Re: Thank you, thank you , thank you:)

Karen and Jo.

I had a great time marshalling and loved helping out. Such good comments too.

Ive a couple of minor points that could make marshalling even nicer if you dont mind suggestions. Here goes...
The signs dont have enough wires and so ours were flapping. Fortunately it wasn't windy but really we should be able to secure them top and bottom. One of ours only had our old plastic bag handle to tie it up with!
Also I know it is self guided but if people get lost on the route its not very nice for them. Can we/do we put up arrows where the routes not clear. I know it adds to the setting up but seems someyhing worth considering.
Thats all. Dont worry I'll be back to marshall next year.

Re: Thank you, thank you , thank you:)

FAO Jennie Freer,

I have some photos of you at 11 miles. Drop me a line at james(dot)walsh60(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk and I'll send them to you.