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24 Hour race advice wanted

Thought that the mid-life crisis should have started at 50 but it seems to have taken me 11 more years! I now intend to do a 100 mile 24 race (or at least get as far as I can in the time allowed anyway). I have never really ran overnight before so has anyone got any tips / things to buy (eg head torch types) that may assist with this plan please? Looks like in June that this will be about a 7 hour period.
By the way Steve/Astrid are you still doing the Monsta Bars as I found those most useful last time out?

Re: 24 Hour race advice wanted

Pat, I am assuming this is as many laps as you can do within 24 hours? 24 hours to run 100 miles where you are self-supported and finding your own way with just a few checkpoints along the way is a pretty tight cut off! I am also assuming that you are talking about June 2020 and not next month!

Running at night depends an awful lot on where you are going to be running, on trails, on a track or canals, etc. If it is laps on a track then you will have no problem apart from bordom! If it is on trails and through woods then the best advice is to do some runs at night with a good quality headtorch to get yourself used to that environment. When I have run through the night I have made sure I am either with someone or keep another runner in sight. Some races insist that you pair up when it is dark, especially on canals.

When you are doing your long training runs try eating real food as against gels as that is what you will need. Find out what your body can take when you are doing a training run of three or four hours or more. Dried fruit, salty biscuits, malt loaf, cheese are some of my choices. Without stating the obvious, keep yourself well hydrated at all times and not just when you are thirsty, the same goes with food! There are lots of websites giving excellent advice on long distance running and equipment. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

Re: 24 Hour race advice wanted

Thanks Sue. They are 5 mile laps cross country with footpaths, woodlands and meadows! I should know where I am going as it starts at midday so I should have done a fair few laps by then. But of course, when it gets dark ..... !!!
At least I'll have a bit of company as there is a 12 hour one that starts at midnight coming onto the same course.
Oh and it's next month as I really couldn't wait all year for this!