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Training Tues 21st, Thurs 23rd & Sat 25th May

With many members racing Sunday and or Thursday you may prefer an easy social run on Tuesday from the club. However as not everyone will be able to make the MWL we will be offering sessions on Tuesday. Tuesday's session for blue group is 1 x 2M and 1 x 1M from Willian Way traffic lights with the possibility of increasing the mile reps to 3 or 4 if you are not able to make Thursday. Green group have 4 - 6 x 1000m in Norton Common with 90s recovery and purples a fartlek of 10 x 2 mins, 1 min easier running. Brian will post yellow group session.

On Thursday there will not be any sessions from the club as hopefully we will all be at St Albans for the opening race of the 2019 midweek league season.

Please post below if there is any demand for a track drills session on Saturday. Having raced the MWL on Thursday you may prefer a week off!!

Have a great week running and racing with NHRR:)

Re: Training Tues 21st, Thurs 23rd & Sat 25th May

A Fartlek 10 x 2 mins with 2 mins of slower running/looping back. Suggest those who raced at weekend take it easy, likewise those racing on Thursday.

St Albans MWL course is a flat 10k, mostly on tracks/trails, normal road shoes.