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Training Tues 28th & Thurs 30th May

I am sure that you will all be delighted with your recent racing and on behalf of all the coaches I would like to thank you for the hard work that you put in on a training night and your encouragement and support for one another which is a massive factor in our success:)

Tuesday's training for blue group is 4 x on Blackhorse hills. With Richard away green group have a fartlek of 10 x 2 mins effort and 2 mins easier running with the easier running at HM/M pace and the effort at 5-10 km pace. Purple group have 3-4 x 1000m at St Francis with 2 mins walk recovery.

On Thursday the choice is a 20 - 30 min tempo session with a 6-10 min warm up and cool down which will not be coached or a ladder of 2 x 5/4/3/2 mins with 60s recovery in Norton Common.

No track Saturday as it's June 1st so it's the First Saturday of the Month 5km, hope to see you helping or running. Also, advance notice that Pete and I are away from 1st-8th June and John Auld has kindly agreed to look after blues:)

Happy running with NHRR!

Re: Training Tues 28th & Thurs 30th May

What about yellow training?

Re: Training Tues 28th & Thurs 30th May

Hi Elwyn.......

Apologies for late posting - wondering about the Highfield track on Thursday, it is a bit uneven - info from Karen & my Recce Run yesterday. Might still do it on Thursday, depending on weather.

Yellow training:

tonight, Tuesday is 4 x 7 mins at Standalone.

Thursday maybe track 2 x (800, 600, 400, 200) - if not will be a Fartlek 5,5,4,4,3,3,2,2

Re: Training Tues 28th & Thurs 30th May

Thank you