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Long run - weekend 1st/2nd June

hello hello Squirrels

Please post here your long likely sunny weekend run plans. If you dont want to run with a water bottle, consider choosing a route past corner shops (take some coins) or church yards (taps for watering)

Please state: pace, distance, meeting time, and meeting place

If you want to join a posted run, please confirm here

Happy LONG running with NHRR

Re: Long run - weekend 1st/2nd June

7min/mile-ish, 10 miles, 8am, Broadway end of South View

Re: Long run - weekend 1st/2nd June

I'll be doing a Hitchin Hard Half practice run up to Preston from Ickleford on Sunday - about 13 miles at an easy 10 - 10.30 min. miling pace. Start time negotiable. This run covers parts of the H3 route - there will be hills .... :wink:

Re: Long run - weekend 1st/2nd June

I'm planning to go on a long run on Sunday Morning:

Where: Spirella Building
When: 8am (ish)
Duration: 1h 45m (ish)
Pace: 08:20-08:30 min/mile
Route: Undecided

Please let me know if you want to join.



Re: Long run - weekend 1st/2nd June

I plan to run a 6 mile loop from Wilbury PH at 9 AM via Ickleford & Holwell.
Route - footpaths & tracks.
Pace 10:30-11:15/M (6:30-7:00/K).