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Training Tuesday 11th and Thursday 13th

The Royston MWL race is on Thursday 13th so there will be no set training session for Blue, Green and Yellow groups on Thursday.
There may well be a session for the Purple Group?
Anyone from the other groups who is not at the race can always check in at Spirella at the usual time on the off chance of finding someone else who's also not racing.

Guess there will be some light sessions for the faster groups on Tuesday and maybe a normal session for Purples?

Re: Training Tuesday 11th and Thursday 13th

Just an easy run, probably around the Lavender Fields loop.

Re: Training Tuesday 11th and Thursday 13th

As Brian has indicated there will not be any coached sessions on Thursday due to the Royston MWL and Karen is not available to coach track on Saturday as she has to attend her EA tutor training weekend. However, track is open for anyone who wants to go over and do their own session paying £2 to FVS as a contribution towards the track hire.

Blue group session on Tuesday will be a 10 min warm up followed by drills and 8-10 x 385m parlauf with 115m recovery around Broadway Gardens. If it is wet we will use St Francis 400s instead. This will give an opportunity for some higher cadence work before Thursday's race. Green group session is 4 x 1200m (90s) around Broadway/South View, again providing a nice flat surface to spin those legs, and purple group have a fartlek of 10 x 1 min working, 1 min easier running after a 10min warm up and followed by a 10 min cool down. This could be reduced to a 6 min warm up and cool down and 6 x 1 min working/easier if you are racing on Thursday. Enjoy!!