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Call for swimmers

Having entered my first triathlon! Being a complete almost non swimmer and teaching myself to go from on top of the water only breast stroke to proper head under the water big deal for me..... I'm looking really if there is anyone out there that swims well and could maybe accompany me to a swim and give me tips on well legs arms body position breathing etc id be most greatful.
You don't have to be a swim coach just be a swimmer if anyone could help or offer any tips advice also that would be great thankyou 😁

Re: Call for swimmers

Hayley, not sure when this was posted as the dates aren’t on the posts. However ask Karen or one of the committee for my contact details and I will be more than happy to help. The outdoor pool is now open and it’s great when it’s raining as you can often be the only ones in the pool🙂. I’m thinking of doing a tri as well but it’s the biking I need to work on haha!

Re: Call for swimmers

What triathlon are you doing Hayley?

I’m no swimming coach, but I ‘learnt’ to swim from YouTube. :grinning: I hadn’t swam since I was in college, when I used to swim a particularly bad version of doggy paddle...

Last year I entered Hitchin, and I had to learn to swim front crawl.

The GTN channel here has some useful tips.

Basically I went from having to stop after one length, coughing and spluttering water, to being able to swim continuously now. I just picked something to work on each time. The breathing pattern is the most important, I’d say.

Not saying its the best way, but I’m not terrible now.

Re: Call for swimmers

Thankyou both I'm doing Hitchin in July John! I'm the same swim wise it's just really technique how far to go under water breathing etc I've never been confident in water so for me this is a huge thing Im going to the pool almost daily to practice some days it feels OK others I have to stop mid way I don't mind if people aren't professionals just people that can swim and give advice or even spend 10 minutes showing me in the water would be fab 😊